Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June 15 post

Lazy day. John and I went out early 'down to town' to get coffee and run a few errands. Made a huge score by finding the Washington Post paper for Mom - generally, I can only find the local Hagerstown Gazette which, although sweet, neglects to report on anything outside a 50 mile radius of its own city. Mom loves reading the paper every day and reads the entire thing, cover to cover every single day. I’ve started reading it also so that we can discuss the stories, but she’s always ahead of me. Her memory is fairly amazing still. We were sitting at the cabin, and I picked up some paper to give her. She was reading it, put it down and said ‘I wondered why this sounded so familiar. You gave me the March 3rd paper!’ Cracked me up. She still remembered the stories! I couldn’t even remember the date!

John headed out early, leaving Bobbi, Mom and me to commence decksitting - it's a tough job but someone has to do it. Which we did. We’re champion deck sitters. Sat and talked for a few hours which was fun. Mom is not at all like being around a 91 year old – she fits in wherever she goes. She’s just like talking to any of my other friends. Everyone adores her.

Bobbi left early afternoon, bringing our canine count down to 5. John came up for a quick dinner and to gather Barley and Matee before heading back to his house in Berkeley Springs for the night. Canine count - 3; Human count - 2. Quiet. Seems like there’s almost no one here now!

Mom and I rounded out the evening by more deck sitting. I hung up a hummingbird feeder and we watch them feed. Bobbi's scared of birds so it's better that they're out when she's in. Almost doesn’t get better than this.

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