Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More cabin tales

Bobbi and her two dogs came up to sit a spell (that’s West Virginia-ese for an overnighter). Anyway, that brought our grand total to 4 people and 7 dogs. Fun. Everyone (including the dogs) got along swimmingly well.

Bobbi and Mom wanted naps so John and I headed down to the river again for more rock sitting. Still beautiful down there.

Made a wonderful dinner of Copper River salmon, mashed potatoes and broccoli. For those of you who can find the stuff, never pass up Copper River salmon. It’s the most amazing fish. It’s a salmon which only feeds on shrimp and crab during it’s lifetime so the flavor of the fish is just something you’ll never taste anywhere else. I put it in foil with just some salt/pepper and butter and threw it on the grill for 8 minutes. OMG. My mouth is still watering.

Decided to try a game of Trivial Pursuit after dinner and Mom surprised us all (including herself) by answering some pretty obscure questions. We’d say something like ‘how do you know that?’ and she’d giggle and say something to the effect of ‘Hell if I know.’ Nice, easy cabin night.

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  1. Geez! I need Gert on my side the next Trivial Pursuit game...forewarn her hubs likes to sneak in the geography questions because he knows I'll mostly 'not' be able to answer 'em. :(

    Thanks for stopping by Life After 60, Joan is a wonderful woman and I love the chance to write over there from time to time.


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