Thursday, January 27, 2011

Amazing snow storm today!

Wow! It was just an amazing storm that blew through yesterday anddropped over 6" of snow on The Mansion. John and I sat in the hot tub for almost two hours, witnessed 3 branches biting the dust under the heavy, wet snow and really enjoyed the moments. The best part though was when a FLYING SQUIRREL visited the bird feeder at 8 pm! Now, I grew up in Maryland and have long known that flying squirrels were around but never have seen one. This guy was just about 10 feet from where we were sitting in the tub and soared from the 'potting shed' (probably the old potty) to the bird feeder, about 15 feet away. He didn't quite make the feeder and landed at the bottom of the statuary holding the feeder. In just a moment, he jumped up the 6' to the feeder and had at it. Very very neat to watch.

Mom had a very slow morning yesterday, having taken off her oxygen a few times last night. She's definitely needing the O2 during the night in order to be really 'with it' during the morning hours. She's had 3 really good days in a row so today was just a sort of 'off' day but it was ok anyway. I'm was on it last tonight, having set my alarm to get up and check that the O2 is on. She's still an amazing woman....

I took her out a few days ago to run a few errands as it was a balmy 45 degrees. After getting her dressed in 4 layers, she informed me that it was just like dressing a 'Barbie' doll. Um, not quite. I had her so bundled up that she could barely move but she was at least warm! We were going to meet John out for a cocktail but he was running late from work so we just came home and got in jammies - Gert's favorite part of the day.

Catching up below with some pictures of some favorite times and friends:

Jeff and Rita's mutual admiration society

Dear friend, Jeff

2 of the most important people in my life

A contented rescue cat

Pretty woman still at 94

Arms full of dogs

Barley aging nicely

Howie and 'Snoopy'

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gizmo, the cocker spaniel

I must have had an extra $50 in my pocket the day I picked up a Doggie DNA test at the local Costco. Now, I know these things are rip offs but thought it might be interesting to try and see what the heck makes up little Gizmo. My best guess (and I'm usually pretty close) is a schnauzer/poodle (a Schnoodle, if you will), or a Yorkie mix of some type.

Imagine my surprise when the Doggie DNA breed analysis came up with....drum roll please.....

A cocker spaniel and german shepherd mix! OMG! I just burst out laughing! I'm not sure they could be any further off unless they had detected Great Dane and Mastiff.

Here's a squidoo lens I wrote about Gizmo, the dog born to ride

Regardless of what type of mutt she is, she's brought much joy and laughter into the house and into Mom's life and lap. She's always hanging around, sometimes even on the back of Mom's chair waiting for a handout or a soft pat. What a wonderful find Gizmo was.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Playing catch up - again

Time just seems to get away from me on blog postings although I've been busy watching a lot of movies and writing reviews on my new blog - Good Movies For Senior Citizens. John gave Mom an Apple TV box which does amazing things including channeling in YouTube, Apple TV, and Netflix. We've become dependent on NetFlix over here as, during the weekends at least, there's not a lot on local TV to amuse Gert.

But, there are some updates to be had so here we go:

Christmas Eve found Gert surrounded by friends at the dinner table where an interesting dinner was served. I decided to combine pieces of Thanksgiving, Hannukah, and Christmas all in one so we had: green bean casserole, potato latkes and ham! Very interesting presentation but, man, it was good. Jeff, Mark, John, Gert and I feasted for a few hours at the dinner table. We really had a fun time just sitting around and talking. Mom loves when people are over as it breaks up our routine (which is doing nothing). In fact, just this morning when I was getting her coffee she looked at me and said 'I think I'll lay low today...' Of course, this cracked me up as I'm not sure how much 'lower' we can lay...Anyway, onto more catchup.

Later in the evening, we had to show Jeff and Mark John's new recumbent table - this thing is just too cool if you have back issues. You simply hang upside down for 3 minutes a day and, like a miracle, back pain dissipates! Amazing.

In between Christmas and New Year's, Greg brought over his son to visit for a while. Cute little sucker and very active. He loves dogs though although just a few returned the favor. It was nice seeing him though and having drop by guests.

New Year's Eve found John, Gert and I having a toast to a healthy New Year, our wish for all of our friends and family.