Friday, August 26, 2011


Had some excitement this afternoon when Sharyn and I went out to the back 40 to pick some produce from the garden (that's a panorama picture of the back 40 from my new sony camera...). We took Killian and Wilbur along for the run and were minding our own business in the garden when I went to reach for a jalepeno. I bent down with my face next to the black deer fence, happened to look outside the fence about 1 foot away and saw an interestingly patterned tree lying there. It took me a moment to realize that the "tree" was breathing! I believe my quote was "Holy shit. Holy SHit. Holy SHIt." Sharyn had no idea of what was going on and thought I had possibly seen a spider which frequently brings the same response out of me. This was no spider. Hell no! This was NO spider!

What it was was a SNAKE! Just 1 short foot away from my face was a 6 foot reticulated boa constrictor! Sharyn came over to see the anomaly before me and was sort of speechless. We grabbed both dogs and put them in the house and returned with a large dog crate which we managed to get over the now very pissed snake.

The call to the emergency line at animal control was rather interesting. Sharyn told the woman that we had a 6" boa in the backyard corralled. Perhaps not unreasonably, the dispatcher at animal control didn't quite believe us. Sharyn handed the phone to me where I repeated the story and reiterated that this was a b-i-g snake. She still wasn't gettin' it! She told me that if the emergency "team" would come out, but if it was a wild snake, they wouldn't do anything about it. Now, I know a bit about snakes and knew that this snake was not a Maryland snake but, alas, she still wasn't gettin' it.

So, 40 minutes later, during which Sharyn and I split snake-watch and Gert-watch, the "team" finally responded; it was a team o' one - one Pat McArdle responded to the call. He walked out to the back 40 with Sharyn who had met him in the driveway. He saw the snake and, I believe his quote was .... well, I can't really quote what he said but it contained the "F" word! He couldn't believe what he was seeing. And, he had walked up with a snake catching pole that this thing would have bent in two. So, we were in a bit of quandry about how to get said snake out of the dog crate and off to the Humane Society.

After a bit, Pat went to the truck and returned with a black bag which could be closed on an animal. Convincing a 6' boa constrictor to willingly enter a black bag took some doing but Pat was the man and finally got the snake secured safely in the bag. He weighed right around 40 lbs so we put him in Mom's wheelchair and proceeded to the van where the snake was secured for good. Whew! I was reassured that the snake would not be destroyed which was great - that was important to both Sharyn and me.

So ended our saga with the snake. I'm hoping it's one we don't repeat for a long, long time - make that forever.

UPDATE 8/31/11 - I got an email back from Pat McArdle. The beast was a python measuring TEN FEET LONG! Here's the email:

Thank you very much for the photos. The snake was a Python and it measured around 10 feet.
still very aggressive but they said thats the nature of this breed of snake.

My funny funny mama

OMG! Gert had me just rolling this morning. Let me give you a little background before I get into the funny part...

Mom HATES showering. Even though she just sits there while I do everything, she just gets exhausted. I'm as quick as I can be while I wash her hair and soap her wee body. A shower only lasts around 7 or 8 minutes but, somehow, she's still huffing and puffing at the end of it. I even dry her - I mean, come on! How hard can it be on her? And, she loves the feeling afterwards so it's all worthwhile but, it's a fight to get her to that point...

I've learned that I don't get as much of a fight when the shower dooms if I start the day before with gentle reminders that 'tomorrow, you get a shower.' I'll repeat the mantra when she first gets up and again at bedtime and then, on shower day, I'll remind her in the morning. Sort of gives her a warning. She generally is not in the best mood during these reminders. But, today... shower day. I went in to get her up for breakfast #1 and was about to remind her that it was shower day. She was sitting in bed, shaking her fists up and down and grinning wild. "WTH" is what I was thinking as I peered cautiously into her bedside commode expecting to have a very bad morning. Nothing there. So, I asked her why she was so happy - her reply? "Today is SHOWER DAY! I LOVE taking showers. Yippee!" The woman is crazy...

John's out on the boat for a few days but heading into a safe port in preparation for the hurricane which should hit Maryland on Sunday. He took this pic from the boat this morning at sunrise. I'm so sorry I didn't see this shot in person.

Re: Hurricane Irene; we're not far from where it's projected to come to land in Maryland and expecting winds up to 80 mph tomorrow! Ron had the forethought to get us a generator which is being installed today so we'll have air conditioning, refrigerator and freezer, and mom's oxygen. Good idea - wish I'd thought of it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 3 in the Conch Republic...

Ah, Day 3 in paradise. Sadly, it was our last day but we made every second count. We started out the day with breakfast at Cheeseburgers (again - why mess with the best?) and then headed over to the Hyatt where we clamboured aboard the swim platform with our own portable bar - no $17 drinks for us! Nope, we mixed our own through rain and shine. Swimming, floating and laughing until the normal Key West daily deluge came. Ah, but that didn't stop us. We just took the rain for what it was worth until the thunder started and we ran for cover.

After a short nap, I headed off to get my makeup done at the Pier House Resort which, if you're thinking of doing that in KW, don't bother. Although the guy doing my makeup was more feminine than I (in many ways), I could have pretty much done the same thing. I just sort of looked like a slightly improved version of myself - not worth the $50 - that's, what? 4 cocktails....

Anyway, I met up with John and Bobbi and we headed over to the boat where John had reservations for dinner. The boat was a 33 foot Carver with a nice flying bridge which held 6 people around 3 little tables. We were served in style! After about a 15 minute boat ride to a quiet cove area, hors d'euvres, wine, and dinner ensued. It was delightful. I loved feeding the fish swimming right below us but, alas, no porpoise sightings this time...and no manatees either. But, we did have a gorgeous view of the sunset as can be evidenced from the pics below.

After dinner, we headed up Duval to Better Than Sex, the dessert shop. It's a beautiful setting, the interior bathed in red candles. We sat at the bar and had chocolate rimmed merlot for Bobbi and me and an apple and caramel rimmed glass of beer for John. Some sort of peanut butter concoction followed (I'm told it was the Peanut Butter Perversion....). Ah, our bellies were full but we had one more stop to make.

Under a bit of duress (thanks for the experience, Bobbi...ha), we headed over to the drag show as 801 Bourbon (it's right off Duval). With a $10 cover charge, you'd expect more than a fat purple clothed transvestite lip syncing poorly. The show was really not even third rate - just poor is a kind way to put it. Horrible is more realistic....But, I digressed.

So, we sat up front and watched a few "singers' who were all pretty bad. Eventually, the fat purple clothed (people eater?) appeared and did a grotestque version of some song. When it was over, he/she asked the audience if the horrible song and ridiculous dance moves should be included in his 'repertoire'. WHAT repertoire? He was LIP SYNCING! Good grief. Anyway, everyone else there (all 11 of them) said 'yes' but I didn't say anything. Mom taught me that, if I didn't have anyting nice to say don't say anything at all. So, I took her up on it and didn't say anything. And, evidently, I got in trouble because I didn't say "yes" immediately. But, he/she wasn't going to let me go gently. Nope, he/she wanted a piece of me. So, after admonishing the audience because someone had pointed at a previous dancer and perhaps laughed (thanks, Bobbi), we were lectured because he/she was still crying backstage. The ensuing lecture was certainly directed at us and we were admonished for not allowing people to just be theirselves. Now, anyone who knows our group knows that we love people of all color, creed, or sexual orientation. WE were not the ones to direct this litergy toward....Anyway, regarding the cryer, as John said later, he/she should have put on his/her big boy/girl pants and gotten on with it....good grief.

So, after we were lectured by this rather large man in a girl's outfit (which didn't fit...), the purple clothed monster again looked at me and asked me if his/her song should be included in the "repertoire." I truly didn't think so, but, taking Mom's advice, I didn't want to say 'no' and really thought it best to just say "I don't care." Well, that really set off Barney! The Purple People Eater had his/her dander up. He/she basically ran me out of the place but not before Bobbi and John took off....yep, headed on out and left me to my own wiles. Nice....Now, in all fairness, John says he didn't run off and that he was there with me. I don't remember that part....

So, I went downstairs and demanded my money back at which point the loser behind the counter said he couldn't do that so I threatened publishing my story - the first of which you're reading. I'm planning on writing the newspaper in Key West, posting on Facebook - you name it. Barney's not going to win this one.

John finally pulled me away before, he says, the cops were called and I was hauled off to jail....801 Bourbon? Entertainment? Talent? Not so much. I can only hope the poor boy/girl whose feelings Bobbi hurt stopped sobbing by now...He/she gave "drama queen" a totally new meaning.

Ended up heading over to the Bull and Whistle for a bit more window watching. We managed not to piss off anyone else, at least. So, a great night was had by all.

Headed home at the moment on a plane full of kids - Note to self: don't connect through Orlando. All in all, a very successful trip.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 2 in the island paradise of Key West

You can't fake this kind of happiness
Well, day 2 found us wandering the streets until we landed for breakfast at Cheeseburgers. If you've been to Key West and have missed breakfast there, you didn't really experience Key West. It's just phenomenal and a certain diet buster. With full, stretched bellies, we waddled our way up Duval to do just a bit of shopping (and sipping along the way - well, it was HOT out! One needs to stay hydrated...and buzzed...).

Bought a very pretty pitcher at one of my favorite stores (funny, never have even seen the name of the place) and proceeded to fill it with a delicious Sangria from, um, another of my favorite places. Note to self: look at signs and learn names of favorite spots.

The afternoon found the three of us headed to our little beach area with ideas of sitting in the crystal clear Gulf but, alas, those damned jelly fish abounded so off we went to the pool. After awhile, we decided that we were, after all, worthy of a pool with an ocean view so off we went to the Island Key House to crash their gorgeous pool. We bobbed for a few hours, content as a pile of sleeping pups.

John got me a spa treatments (exfoliant with cuban coffee and sugar cane) which was about the best thing ever...well, besides being in Key West! I came out just glowing and all ready to party until I found poor John down on his game. He was sick. Oh no! WTH? It was a very sad time. I nursed him the best I could - gave him ginger ale and a pepsid and tucked him back into bed. I ended up meeting Bobbi for a bit - we sat in the window of the Bull and Whistle (there! I got one!) and watched the crowd walk by. If you're a people watcher, the window of the Bull and Whistle is prime territory to see about everything you've ever imagined. A few men walked by and tickled our feet which were propped up. Funny. Took a bunch of picture which was pretty hilarious. I almost always have closed eyes when using a flash so Bobbi gave me a tip which was to open my eyes W-I-D-E before the picture. Well, here's the results....I think I'd rather have closed eyes....and botox...

Bobbi and I came back to the room to check on poor John. He was feeling better but still not in the mood to come out with us so more tucking occurred and Bobbi and I were off again. This time, we stopped at Two Friends for a quick beer (hydration and buzz) and then over to "The Martini Bar" - not it's name but, as per my usual, I can't remember the real name. The place makes the best danged martinis though. I had a key lime martini which is a must have if you're ever in Key West - not that you could find it from my description.

So, our bellies totally full and our minds totally happy, we headed back to our respective hotels. And, here I sit, at 7 am on another glorious day, on the ocean front balcony at the Hyatt. Life is very good.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Key West, Day 1 aching tummy....

Day 1 found us bobbing on a boat out at the reef. It was about 2-3 foot seas and, well, I was chumming for the fishes after a bit. I started off the day ok but did get just a bit queasy on the ride out to the reef. It was the jelly fish sting that put me over the edge. Seems like the moon jellies are spawning early this year (lucky lucky me) and I got nailed, right across my legs. Hurt like a big dog...So, I think the toxins from the sting got into my system and oooooohhhhh...

Now, for most people, vomiting is not pleasant but it's a necessary part of life periodically. Not me. I am a champion non-vomiter and will go to about any cost to hold it down. It's been at least 10 years since my last episode. But, well, I lost the battle today. And, to top it off, my boat mates were laughing at me - that is until Tom turned green. Turns out he's a sympathetic vomiter. This really sent the others into peals of laughter. Nice friends...

We forgot to take any snorkeling gear so I had to rely on my new underwater camera to snap some pictures. Here they are - it takes pretty nice shots. I had hoped to get some 3D pictures or some underwater panoramic shots but, after my episode, I just wasn't up for it. I was lucky to get a few shots of these pretty fish, I love the below picture - looks to me like the fish on the right has somewhere to be...
After I got stung and was clamboring aboard, Bobbi, in her rush to escape a certain sting, tore up her knees on the ladder. So, here we were - a floating hospital ward. Tom's back was killing him from the ride out so we ended up coming back and setting him and Debbie free. Should have taken the hint. So, off Bobbi, John and I were again - over to a Thai restaurant where they proceeded to get beers and I proceeded to not. Ooooooohhhh..

We were supposed to meet up tonight at 9:30 at Better Than Sex, the most exquisite dessert restaurant I've ever experienced. The wine is served in chocolate rimmed glasses, the desserts are magnificent. I had every intention of celebrating Bobbi's 50th with her tonight but, well, my stomach told me differently. So, here I am in Key West, sitting in bed and blogging while they're out having a great time. Shoot.

Last night was a blast. After a day of hitting the streets, John and I came back to the hotel and laid down for a 'nap.' We finally arose and decided that it must have been like 1:30 am or so - just the right time to go over to Angelina's for pizza. We left the room in a hurry as didn't want to miss out and we were afraid it was close to closing time. There weren't a lot of people in the streets so that strengthened our conviction that it was late. I finally asked a man what time it was - 8:45. Yep, it was a quarter to 9! We laughed like hell at the idiots we were. So, off to Angelina's we went and then over to the Bull and Whistle for a beer. We met up with some of the most fun people I think I've ever seen here - one guy was toasted and had his shorts pulled up all the way to his nipples. One leg was rolled up and he was flirting with all the girls. What a stitch. His buddy proceeded to tell us that they had been lobster fishing yesterday and the buddy almost drowned 3 times. When diving for lobsters, the rule is two on the boat to watch the diver and one man in the water. Well, it was this guy's first time diving and he was unfamiliar with the equipment - there's a tank on the top of the boat that makes oxygen, the diver puts a regulator in his mouth and breathes. He also wears a weight belt to get down the 15 to 20 feet to where the lobsters are. So, this guy jumps in, heads straight to the bottom and realizes that he's wearing a snorkel and not the regulator. He said that he was sitting on the bottom of the ocean, trying to figure out how to get back up without losing the weights (a $30 deposit). He said he sat there awhile but decided he's better beat feet and get the hell up for air so he dropped the belt. When he finally surfaced, his two friends were sitting back with a cold one. So, that was try #1. A near death experience.

Try #2 - the guy puts the regulator in his mouth, jumps in the water, heads to the bottom and...the air isn't turned on. This time he's sort of pissed. He surfaced, his two friends are sitting back with a cold one.

At this point, we were laughing so hard that I couldn't concentrate on try #3 but I'm sure it was hilarious.

So, after they left, John and I were heading back to the room when we spotted Bobbi making her way up the street. More merriment occurred at Hogs Breath and then over to the Schooner Warf Bar. It was after midnight so it was officially Bobbi's 50th birthday. The bartender didn't do me any favor though by giving us boatloads of shots. Oooooooohhhh....

Finally came back to the room around 1:30 for a few hours of sleep until we were up and at it again. John and I got coffee and swam out to the Hyatts floating dock where we, well, floated the morning away.

So, that was Day #1. I'm hoping Day #2 goes smoother. More later....ooooohhhhhhh....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Downsie Daisy...

Post fall, Gert ordered a bloody mary
Ugh. First off, Mom is fine but she had her first fall last Saturday - I swear Sharyn pushed her. Sadly, Sharyn and I were right there, but neither of us could get to her so SPLAT, down she went, backwards. Her walker got caught on the edge of the rug (no comment needed about tacking down the rug - I know), I saw it happening but I was just ahead of her and she was out of reach. Scared the crap out of all involved. I had big brother Mike call the hospice immediately while I cuddled behind her on the floor. The nurse called back within 2 minutes (hospice is da bomb) and had me run through a few things to check Mom for. Interestingly, I had intuitively done most of the things like moving her arms and legs, checking her for contusions, etc. She was fine and we righted her in no time flat. But, the new rule, sort of like 2 hands on the wheel, is one hand on the Gert.

This little girl was delighted with Gizmo
Had a very nice brunch with a small group this time - very intimate and fun for all involved. Mike was visiting and Sharyn's been living her for the month to help out with Mom so that was the core group. John had to work (the poor sot) but Doris and Marshall (cousins) joined us and we all sat around Mom and told great stories. Doris told me a beautiful story about Marshall's mom (Aunt Yetta) that I will blog once I get a picture of her. Later in the afternoon, Carina and Leandro stopped by with Leandro's darling daughter. When Mom heard they were on their way, she immediately sat up and "did" her hair for Leandro. There's definitely a love connection between the two. So, Carina's gang was the second wave during which John was able to join us, so we again sat around Gertie and laughed and talked for a few hours. All in all, a great time was had.

I'm starting to plan Mom's 95th birthday as I do think we'll make it! I think we're going to do a pajama party so that we all match Miss Daisy. And, I'm going to make a rule that no one gets in the house unless they drove in their jammies. I think the stories about the looks the guests get while driving will be as much fun as the party.

Carina is a great Mom and it shows
She wanted to know why she couldn't take Bo Bo home as I had so many dogs, she wouldn't be missed!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Joe's tomatoes

I'm sitting on the houseboat at 9 pm. It's raining out so that sound inside the boat is so soothing. John's rib is bothering him so he's in bed and I'm here just thinking. And, what I'm thinking about it my Dad.

Dad used to love tomatoes. He lived for the very day that the first tomato was ripe enough for him to eat from the vine. He'd head out to the garden with the salt shaker first thing in the morning and return, always, with the telltale sign of his raids...tomato juice down the front of his shirt.

Mom or I would ask him where he'd been and he'd get this grin, this little boy grin that said he'd done something wrong but he wasn't going to divulge unless nudged. After a second question about his whereabouts, he'd look like a 3 year old when he said "to the garden." Uh huh - we knew it. No tomatoes for our hamburgers that night.

The strangest thing of all is that, almost immediately after my Dad's death in 2007, I started to tomatoes. Now, I used to totally hate the things and wouldn't even be happy if they had touched a part of my salad. Tomatoes were my forbidden fruit - ugh. Why would anyone eat that? But, all of a sudden (and I do mean "sudden"), I'd see a tomato in the store and buy it. I remember the very first time I had a piece of tomato after Dad died. It was almost as though he was beside me saying "see, I told you they were good." And, I've been a lover of tomatoes since that day. I now salivate when I walk to the garden in the morning and I always have that telltale tomato juice stain down my front.

I am,  after all, my Daddy's girl.

Houseboat Ho!

Panoramic view from stern of boat docked last night in a cove
That's right - we're aboard Houseboat #4, the "Leisure Craft" at a lake in Pennsylvania for 4 glorious days. Thankfully, the weather is not all that important to John nor me as it's overcast and rainy for all 4 days. But, we have everything we need in our cozy abode to keep us busy, including books, every electronic known to man, cameras (we have 6 aboard...), cocktails and plenty of camping type foods. About to make some bacon and eggs (my favorite camping breakfast) to go with my bloody mary.

Yesterday started off as a bit of a problem though everything turned out fine and no one got hurt. But, I was afraid that the day would be a big bust. Sharyn borrowed John's convertible Solara to go to NC and got hit by an 18-wheeler. The truck was trailerless, thank you God, and only clipped her bumper when going to pass her. She was on Route 95 though so was going probably 70 when this happened. The impact sent the Solara into a 360 spin and then off the road. Thankfully, she didn't get hit nor hit anything else except the ditch which came at her at a fairly quick clip. She's fine, her niece is fine and even Wilbur the dog survived unscathed. Scared us all silly though. And, going along with my belief that all things happen for the best, if she'd been in her Jeep, she would have been upside down and the accident would have been much worse. We're all so very glad all ended up ok. The car was towed to a Toyota dealership for a thorough going over (minus its bumper which was in the back of the tow truck). Damage was fairly minimal considering what it could have been but the bumper is gone and the quarter panel is crunched. Oh well, cars can be repaired - people take a bit more to fix back up. Thank you God for watching over her yesterday.

My gorgeous captain - cannot believe how lucky I am!
So, after John and I surmised that she would be ok to drive (mechanically and physically), we headed off to the houseboat. I stopped at Costco for gas and was about to get in line when I decided the lines were way too long and got into my impatient mode. So, I swung my convertible too close to the curb and, well, 20 minutes later, we were talking to the Costco Auto manager about whether my car was fit to drive. It was and off we went. A bit of an ominous start to what should have been a beautiful day - and still was.

Got to the marina and checked into the boat and we were off. John and I are both enamored with the houseboat - it's got so many wonderful conveniences built right in. It's just like taking out an RV only you've got a guaranteed river or lake view. Ours sleeps 4 but they'd have to be pretty close friends as its outfitted with queen size bunk beds. The bathroom is probably slightly larger than my own bathroom in my house, the kitchen has everything one would need including a 4 burner stove, oven, microwave, and fridge and freezer. It really is a great set up. We spent last night up on the roof for cocktail hour and never made it downstairs to dinner. Had a beautiful time.

Slept well with the windows wide open, screen doors in place. Had an interesting dream where my cat, J.B. was chasing a mouse all night. I remember thinking "why am I dreaming THAT?" Got up this morning, went to grab the paper towels and, well, a picture is worth a thousand words. We have an unwanted little fella aboard. So, I stowed all food away, I hope and now it's time for breakfast.

Unwanted guest was nesting down!
Today, John's rib is hurting pretty badly so he's back down in bed with some pain killers while I'm going to hit the computer and type up a few articles and, obviously, this blog.

Called Bobbi at the house; Mom is doing well. I have 5 people filling in for me this weekend so I can go away - it does take a village and I have the best village around

So, stay tuned...more later.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Oy." It's not just for Jews anymore.

Oy! Howie, Leandro, Gert and Me at La Mex once again...
"Oy." I hear Carina say it each time she picks up the phone. For a long time, I thought she was about to launch into a litany about her aching back which was bothering her from her helping take care of Gert but, one day, I realized that "Oy" was her way of saying "Hey" or "Hello" or, upon occasion, "Oy, my aching back."

I'm slowly learning Portuguese but am way behind the learning curve when compared to Carina's mastery of the English language. But, of course, she is young'm not. So far, she can say bitch, shit and a few other choice words. I, on the other hand, am stuck with "Oy."

Well, this morning at 4:30 am, I wasn't the only one saying "Oy." Poor John awoke me from a semi-sound sleep to tell me we had to head to the emergency room N-O-W. Seem like, in his quest to keep up with the young 'uns on the weekend, he busted a rib on the jet ski. And, in typical manly fashion, he wouldn't go to the doctor before the rib was about poking through his (insert whatever internal organ a rib might poke through...) . So, I awoke Sharyn and told her she was on duty while I took John to the emergency room at Shady Grove. Mom was up too so I had to inform her as to the problem. Her response was a heartfelt "Oy!" Off we went.

I've gotta tell ya - I've had my fill of Shady Grove Hospital as of late. I stayed with Mom for 7 days and nights during her last stay, visited John in the emergency room (during Mom's hospitalization btw - THAT was quite a feat) when he couldn't stop coughing. I visited my friend Marianne there twice last week while she was saying "Oy, kidney stones hurt." Not sure if macaroni and cheese and salmon croquettes helped the matter but at least I felt like I was doing something. But, "Oy," I'm tired.

John's diagnosis was a broken rib from trying to keep up with said young 'uns on the jet ski. They gave him TWO vicodin ( broken rib earlier in the year only netted me one pitiful tylenol #3. Oy...), and he was quite the happy fella for a few hours. I think I could have talked him into a spin around the dance floor somewhere if I could have gotten him to walk straight. Poor thing. What a lightweight! But, I brought him home, put him to bed and climbed in next to him for 3 hours of sleep while darling Sharyn took care of Mom. What a delight it is to have her here. It's like having another one of me - she seems to just know what to do and when to do it, and I firmly believed that she could keep Mom 'pink' while I napped - and she did. In fact, I didn't hear one "Oy" when I got up.

After awhile, John and I awoke and he headed into work for a bit while Sharyn and I headed out to about a thousand errands for my houseboat trip this coming weekend. Dear Carina was in charge of the "Oy" brigade for the afternoon.

Sharyn and I ran all over town getting in and out of the convertible about a thousand times (I know...I've been told a million times not to exaggerate). We did though hit about 6 different stops, the last of which was coming home to unload everything we'd purchased, pick up Carina and Gert and head to our local watering hole, La Mex. Friends Andi and Howie had dropped by so they were dragged along. So, our masses descended upon Theresa, the bartender at La Mex and we proceeded to prop Gert up at the bar with a bourbon and coke and laugh our asses off. Leandro joined us after a while and, honestly, Mom so perked up at seeing him that I was a bit put off. I mean, really, I'm the one here every day - Leandro walks in and the woman totally swoons. And, I'm not the only one put off by Mom's reaction; ask John about it. Not so good with it. But, it is what it is and Leandro and Mom seem to have a special connection which is just amazing to watch. They "get" each other even though they're 70 years apart in age. It's really something to watch. He lights up her world when he walks in the room and, for that, I'll be forever grateful.

Anyway, general merriment was had by all. John and Bobbi joined us after a bit but they hit the tail end of the party happy hour - Oy.

As I type this, Mom has her television ears on and I'm listening to the Beatles on my iPod. Oy, life is good...

Anyway, as always, i've digressed.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Oy, my aching ...

I hate them all....
Well, at least I'm not the only one sore today after a day of general debauchery and jet skiing with people WAY younger than I am.

John and I somehow agreed (why, I'm not sure...) to meet up with Leandro and Carina and have a jet ski day. Well, I spent more time being bounced off the thing than successfully riding! At one point, I was very close to leaving the sucker bobbing on its own in the bay and swimming back to safety - that jet ski totally had it out for me. And, I wasn't the only one.

Here's an excerpt from an email that John sent me today:

Ok, my sternum hurts everytime I take a deep breath...
Butt hurts to sit down or standup.
Legs hurt to flex when sitting down, standing up and walking and crossing legs.
Tricepts hurt when stretching.
Biceps hurt picking up objects
Lats (back) hurts when stretching.
Lower back only hurts when sitting.  When standing...When laying down..
Great time this last weekend lol, feeling old.
Just thought I'd share.
We may not need new playmates as long as they just sit in one place with us while drinking.

Mom's in love with both of these people
So, there we have it. My only solace was seeing Carina limp into the house today, holding a hand to her back. She certainly didn't look 27 today! But, then again, I didn't look 53 - closer to 104...Mom could have beat both of us in a race today. And, when Carina told me that Leandro wasn't in much better shape, I felt (sadly) vindicated. I have NO idea why John and I thought we could keep up with these young 'uns....

I did have a great time trying out the new Sony DSC TX10 underwater camera and got some great shots. You can read the article I wrote detailing my review of the camera by clicking this link: My review of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC TX10 underwater digital camera.

Mom is doing pretty well but has had a slower day today. But, that's ok - slow days happen as I've had one too!