Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Playing catch up again - sigh...

Well, the month has just flown by. Mom continues to be quite the pink one and, in fact, has gained 6 pounds as shown on her most recent doctor visit! Chunky Monkey attributes the gain to oatmeal cookies, but I say it's the nightly banana splits (hot fudge, please, and whipped cream too) that seems to be the culprit. Regardless, she's doing quite well. In fact, she's decided to have the cataract in her left eye removed November 4th. It's quite dense so has to be removed using the 'old method' involving cutting and stitches - it just is too dense to be handled with the newer laser method. She's fine with this though, and the prospect that she might have some sight back in her left eye is tantalizing. Poor dear is 100% blind in that eye. Of course, this gives me some latitude in my facial expressions as long as I'm on her left....

Our outing yesterday included mani and pedis for the 'ladies' (that's me and mom, for clarity) and then a late lunch at La Mex where we met up with John on his way back to his house in WV. Evening was spent being slugs again as we watched a movie on TV. Rita enjoys these slug times the best - especially when Matee is back up in WV at John's. In fact, we're currently down to just 3 dogs (positively quiet around here) as Barley was also shipped off since I'm heading out of town tomorrow.

Ok, heading to FANTASY FEST in Key West again. This is THE spot to be this week. Bobbi and her sister, Debbie, are setting the pace, having headed out last Saturday. John and I will follow tomorrow for 3 days of decadence before we hit the beach in Ft. Lauderdale for a night by ourselves. Dear, cherished friends Jeff and Sophia are filling in for me in my absence.

Will spend the day I get back getting ready for Gert's 92nd (yes, that's not a typo - it's ninety-second) birthday on the 28th. Having a small party for friends and family over here. Mom's requested ribs and, of course, there's Sophia's amazing chinese food. Anyway, have about 15 people dropping by the Mansion East for a small party to celebrate the day. So, my baby is about to be 92! Totally exciting. We're so very lucky to have her here with us.

As I was preparing for her birthday, was looking for some photos. Here's a few of my favorites:

That's granddaughter Elena, great-granddaughter Rachel, Gert and granddaughter Monya there.
Dad does Elvis below (perhaps it was a mistake to show Dad my hair piece...):
Great-granddaughter Nora, GQ Joe (my favorite picture of him), and my favorite photo of my darling darling folks (I snapped this one on our last trip to Laughlin ):

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Well, we already know the answer...

To gamble - again! Headed down to John's boat yesterday to close a window left open and toted Gert along. Of course, John's boat is only steps from Chesapeake Beach - one of the few spots in Maryland with slot machines. At least we're getting better - in a short hour, we'd only dropped $20 (mom) and $40 (me). So, perhaps we haven't gotten the 'win' thing down yet but at least the 'lose' thing is lessening!

Took Mom to the eye doctor today down in Bladensburg. Her first thought was that we were close to Chesapeake Beach. Uh oh. I believe I've created a monster. Next stop is probably
Atlantic City!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

To gamble or not to gamble - that is the question.

The answer? To GAMBLE! Took Gert up to Charlestown the other day for a few hours. Actually managed to get her out of the house 4 days in a row - a record! Anyway, back to Charlestown.

Decided to run up for just a few hours. Got there, lost about $40 each and decided it would be safer to just eat lunch. So, after 'dining' (in quotes for a reason...), we hit the machines again. Dropped a total of $180 between the two of us which we both considered a triumph as we'd taken $200 a piece (grand loss could have been $400)...It's the small wins in life that are so much fun. As we were leaving, Mom looked at me and said 'I wonder if they know I just wanted to rent a machine, not buy it.' Typical Gert comment.

Sharyn visited again overnight with Gert so John and I hit his house in West By-God for a quiet evening. Sharyn, Gert and I did a pretty good power-shop at the local Kohl's for cool weather wear for Mom. It's tough keeping a 91 year old warm, but we managed to pick up a bunch of sweaters, nightgowns and robes - all in about 15 minutes. Also got the new woodstove delivered to the Mansion so should be able to keep her toasty warm - at least on the first floor!

Talked Sharyn into hanging out another day so Bobbi, Sharyn and I went to Pelican Pete's to endulge our crab needs. Delicious crabs, especially for this time of year.

Mom's 92nd birthday is rapidly approaching - October 28th. I'm still amazed by her every single day. John and I spend a lot of time just sitting around the livingroom and talking with her. She's so much fun.