Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More tales from Mom

Got Mom up and at em fairly early this morning – out of the cabin door around 11:30 and off and running to Hagerstown (the ‘big’ city) to do some errands. Decided to wander a back road instead of the highway and had a very nice cruise down – gorgeous scenery – lots of older houses, some with outhouses still evident.

Mom told me more tales of which I tried to take mental notes to jot down in the blog. One of the nice side effects of blogging is that I seem to pay more attention to the stories Mom tells me so I can document them. I ask more questions and just find out a lot of information. We have some great conversations.

For example, here’s one of my favorite stories of the day.

Mom grew up in St. Joe, Mo. There was a neighbor, Mrs. Brown, who kind of took a shine to Mom - I have some very nice dishes still that she gave to Mom. Anyway, as the tale goes, one day, Mrs. Brown came running over to my Zadie (that’s Yiddish for Grandfather – Mom’s Dad) and yelled that her husband had suffered an attack in the backyard of their house and to come quick. Zadie took off running but Mr. Brown had already died by the time he got there – Mom says she remembers this as she was close on Zadie’s heels. I asked her why she was there and she said that she always had her nose stuck in everything those days. A bit of a busybody I suppose. She sure isn’t now! Anyway, Zadie yelled for Bubie (my grandmother) to get him a feather. Now, when mom is telling me this, my first thought is ‘gee, I wonder if he could tickle him alive…’ Anyway, I had to ask what the feather was for. In the old days, they’d hold a feather under someone’s nose – if the feather moved, they were still kicking. Well, you work with what you have, I suppose.

Came back to the cabin to a nice steady rain after 3 hours out. Mom laid down for a nap while John and I headed down to the river to do some rock sitting in the rain. River was amazing. Almost looked like a Disney movie, it was so gorgeous. Stayed around an hour and headed back to the house to throw some fillets on the grill. Great dinner. Nice evening too.

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