Sunday, July 13, 2008

Victoria's for the weekend

Well, the weekend was ‘busy’ in its own way. We took Victoria up on her kind offer of lending us here house on the water down in Lusby, Maryland (right up from Solomon’s Island). John loaded up his visiting parents (Sonny and Rose), I loaded up Gert and off we went. Mom and I beat John et al down to Vic’s so Mom and I took on the rather arduous task of getting her up the steps. Many rests later, we made it to the top where she was rewarded with the cold beer I’d been dangling in front of her. Threw some hors d’euvres in the oven, popped a few more beers and we were already close to naps by the time John got there.

First thing we did once John arrived was to set the crab traps up – well, we thought we set the crab traps up until the next morning when we noticed that the door to let the crabs out of the traps were not closed! Whoops. We only caught one very stupid crab who, even with an easy egress couldn’t figure his way out! We swore ourselves to secrecy about this slight blunder until his dad came down and I blurted out the issue – whoops again! His dad was too funny though when he said that he’d noticed the doors were open when we dropped the traps in the water but, being unfamiliar with crabs, thought that they kind of came in the trap, ate, went out, came back in, ate, went out – sort of like a little house. Of course, gawfaws ensued all around. We basically stuck to string and chicken parts from thereon out.

Made a nice dinner and crashed early. Favorite line of the day.

Sonny (John’s Dad) came out about 9:30 to tell Mom and me that he was going to bed. ‘Sorry, but I can’t keep up with you youngsters.’

Mom looked at him and replied ‘Well, tomorrow, I’ll show you how it’s done.’

Cracked us all up.

Friday brought a great breakfast of bacon/egg/bagel sandwiches and some rock gut coffee which sent me off to Starbuck’s in the new shopping center for my fix. Now, I can generally drink any coffee but this stuff was just TOO gooey. Ugh.

John took Sonny and Rose off to a nice lunch in Solomon’s while I stayed in the house and napped with Mom. Vic’s house feels like the cabin to Mom and me and we react accordingly – by sleeping! Had a nice afternoon though just snoozing away.

John’s folks really got into crabbing – with a bit of practice, they both became experts by the second day. Dinner Friday was a success basically due to their diligence. We had close to 2 dozen very nice keepers. Mom, of course, gathered most of the claws and left the work to us. I think John’s folks left the table hungry as most beginner pickers do.

Pretty nice weekend though – although I have to go back down there today as we forgot Mom’s bag which has her sleeping pills and her little hand thingee she wears for her arthritis at night. Oh well, should be a nice ride in the ragtop! Might take a dog or two along for the spin.

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