Tuesday, August 5, 2008

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So, we've been pretty busy around here with company for the last month or so. John's parents just went home to Arizona yesterday. Had some great times, nice dinners and relaxed evenings with them here at the Mansion East. Put Sonny to work cutting grass on the tractor - I think he was secretly pleased to be away from all the estrogen!

Sharyn came into town for the week, much to our delight. We really appreciated the visit! Even though we didn't make the RV, we had a week of fun. Sharyn and I did a fair amount of cooking - Gert did a fair amount of eating. Sharyn stayed with Mom a night so I could get away to the Mansion West with John for a nice evening. The next day, Sharyn brought Mom up to the cabin where much merriment was had. Lots of deck sitting, napping ensued.

Bobbi, Sharyn, John and I spent a very nice day on sailing around the Chesapeake and then enjoyed a few hours at the local tiki bar - Jeff looked in on Gert (thanks Jeff!). Gorgeous day on the water - made it back to dock just in time for a summer downpour. Even that didn't dampen the atmosphere (pun intended).

The girls did a great brunch at Blackstone's in Frederick - Belgium beer for the 'youngsters', a bourbon and coke for Gert and we were off and running. Had planned on doing some shopping but ended up 'running' for naps instead. Did the requisite trip(s!) to La Mexicana and propped Mom up at the bar where she's always a big hit.

Sharyn, Jeffie and I went to DC one day to the new Crime Museum (don't bother). LOTS of reading and walking. Nothing special.

Mom's got a new medication - an inhaler to aid in breathing. Now, you wouldn't have thunk it would be as difficult as it's been to get a 91 year old to understand how to use an inhaler. I believe I overdosed on the stuff the first night while trying to demonstrate. I wouldn't have minded so much if the stuff was fun, but the only side effect I got was crystal clear breathing.

Actually, trying to teach Mom to use an inhaler is akin to teaching a duck to drive (I'd bet on the duck). So, we continue the quest for knowledge. John helped out last night with a new perspective which actually may have gotten through. We'll see how that goes.

Niece Jennifer is coming to visit for 10 days from Florida this Thursday. Will head to the cabin next week for a few days with Mom and Jen just to relax. It's really delightful up there.

Mom continues to do very well. A bunch of us went out to dinner the other night and she was the bell 'o the ball, holding court at the head of the table. Amazing, wonderful woman. More later.

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