Tuesday, October 7, 2008

To gamble or not to gamble - that is the question.

The answer? To GAMBLE! Took Gert up to Charlestown the other day for a few hours. Actually managed to get her out of the house 4 days in a row - a record! Anyway, back to Charlestown.

Decided to run up for just a few hours. Got there, lost about $40 each and decided it would be safer to just eat lunch. So, after 'dining' (in quotes for a reason...), we hit the machines again. Dropped a total of $180 between the two of us which we both considered a triumph as we'd taken $200 a piece (grand loss could have been $400)...It's the small wins in life that are so much fun. As we were leaving, Mom looked at me and said 'I wonder if they know I just wanted to rent a machine, not buy it.' Typical Gert comment.

Sharyn visited again overnight with Gert so John and I hit his house in West By-God for a quiet evening. Sharyn, Gert and I did a pretty good power-shop at the local Kohl's for cool weather wear for Mom. It's tough keeping a 91 year old warm, but we managed to pick up a bunch of sweaters, nightgowns and robes - all in about 15 minutes. Also got the new woodstove delivered to the Mansion so should be able to keep her toasty warm - at least on the first floor!

Talked Sharyn into hanging out another day so Bobbi, Sharyn and I went to Pelican Pete's to endulge our crab needs. Delicious crabs, especially for this time of year.

Mom's 92nd birthday is rapidly approaching - October 28th. I'm still amazed by her every single day. John and I spend a lot of time just sitting around the livingroom and talking with her. She's so much fun.

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