Monday, August 31, 2009

I believe I made a tactical error...

Well, I've managed to blast Mom out of her chair and out the door 3 times last week (!). A record for the last two years. She got a nice mani/pedi one day and then off to meet up with Ms. Lowe for cocktails at our local dive bar. Our feet are the only proof we were all there. Of course, Bobbi is wearing the sexy shoes (well, the only shoes - I left the house without shoes again)....But, the real kicker (pun intended) is that those shoes are MINE! Bobbi is 'borrowing' them until she gets bored and passes them over again.

So, another day, I took Mom over to Montgomery Mall for some shopping and to meet up with Sophia for some lunch. We're all so busy these days that we infrequently get together. Life just keeps getting in the way. Anyway, Mom and I stopped at a chinese market on the way home to get veggies (note to all: if you want very fresh, very inexpensive vegetables, head to the oriental market. )

While there, I saw a very pretty tray (here's the tactical error part of the story). Gert loved it so, off we went with said tray in hand. So, what I just did, was buy an implement with which to serve Gertie....great, just great. That's what she needs; a reason to stay seated in that chair!

The other night, I was kissing her goodnight before bed and she leaned in for a kiss and, I though, she was going to say something sweet to me like she usually does. Was it going to be 'Goodnight, Sweetheart' (her closing line for Dad for all those years and now the closing line for me - most nights. Maybe it was going to be 'I love you' like I hear frequently. Perhaps a sweet whispered 'Thank you for my day.' So, she leans in, seductively, btw, and whispers....

'I believe I'll have cream of wheat, toast and coffee for breakfast tomorrow.'

And, this was BEFORE I bought the tray. Oy, such a monster I've created...

So, today, she got lunch on her new tray, complete with fresh from-the-garden tomatoes which we're quite flush in. In fact, they're everywhere. Good thing the dogs like them.

I've been quite busy setting up my new business - Data Concepts & Solutions. John is going to be my IT department, having already started to prove his worth. I'm setting up the office upstairs and will be ordering furniture Wednesday - can't wait as I've been working out of the dining room for 6 months and I'm starting to bleed over into the kitchen. I've been quite busy and have managed to even put Mom to work more than once. She has great ideas and, since she's owned Town Hall for, oh, 50 years now, there's a lot of wisdom in her mind.

Picture below was the 3 of the 5 starving dogs today. You'd never know they were starving. And, that blob at the bottom of the last picture is JB falling asleep on duty - he guards the refrigerator on a daily basis and takes his duty (usually) very seriously.

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