Thursday, October 29, 2009

Well, we made 93!

Yep, Mom's doing quite well and had a nice, if quiet, birthday. Mom got her breakfast #1 served in her chair on that damned tray I shouldn't have bought. Queenie was in heaven with fresh buckwheat pancakes and a fresh cup of coffee. Lunch was also served 'in chair' - she told me how nice this bed (chair?) and breakfast is.

John and I offered a happy hour - Mom's standard response of 'what are we waiting for' let us know the party was ON! Sherry (or two...) for Mom, a manhattan for me, soda for John (what's up with that?!). John suggested I make Mom liver and onions (ew.....) for dinner and I was sorry he mentioned it as then I had to do it. Had to run down to Rockville to get calf liver and picked up a few desserts, including the obligatory birthday cake for the celebration. All in all, another great day with Gertrude!

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