Thursday, March 25, 2010

On Malapropisms

So, spent a while this morning trying to dig up the term where an incorrect word is used as a substitute for the correct word - such as 'Cinderella' vs 'Citronella.' I always thought is was a spoonerism, and, after much searching, have determined this particular issue is called a malapropism. And, it's hereditary. Here's some of mine:

For all intensive purposes - should be 'for all intents and purposes'
'I'm not talking 'bout the linen - should be 'I'm not talking 'bout movin in' (from Hall and Oates song)
I pledge allegience to the flag for Richard Stands - always wondered who Richard Stands was.

And a host of others. Those who know me well can hear these almost daily when I'm in my car, singing a song. I'm famous for it. I get that from my Daddy. Comforting to know the pear doesn't fall far from the bush.

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