Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring has sprung...

...And Gert is springing right along! We headed up to Frederick yesterday for a few hours of rolling around their River walk area. Mom and I love to look at that painted bridge up there - fascinating thing and we see something new everytime we go.

Decided to take Rita along on the journey although not sure how much enjoyment she got out of it. She's very timid around strange men and Frederick is full of them (really strange men...) so she spent a lot of time in Mom's lap. Both ladies got ice cream treats; Butter Pecan for Mom and a doggy sundae for Miss Rita (complete with 2 bones, hold the whipped cream please).

Rolled through an antique store where Mom told me the history of most of the items (see sorta has first person knowledge..). Saw a bunch of stuff we used to own up there. Spent a lot of time saying 'gee, I wonder where that is....' We have a HUGE attic so should get up there and get some stuff on eBay. John did organize it last year so at least it's walkable now.

I fear that our chicken coop has seen its last winter. Poor thing's roof is sinking. I think Mom and I will head out today and look at new sheds, which we'll have to get before we level the old coop. There's so much junk out there; wonder if I can have a 'chicken coop sale.' I know, for a fact, that there's an old motorcycle and at least 4 bikes out there that are useless - all of em!

Planning a REAL garden this year. It will be in the back 40 area which gets full sun and will be full of beans, zucchini, tomatoes, and other assorted sundries. Looking forward to going out back for produce this year. The deer fence I have planned should be more than enough to protect our harvest. I'm even considering laying a path so I can roll Mom out there and she can keep me company as I tend the thing. I'm ready for summer!

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