Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dog days of summer...

Dog days are happening already! Yesterday topped 87 here in Boyds. Bobbi, Gert and I spent an enjoyable 2 hours sitting outside and just enjoying a nice evening. Rita definitely enjoyed the evening as can be evidenced by the photos. I love the way that Mom and wee Rita have the same smile on their face sometimes; they totally delight in each other.

Bobbi, Sharyn, John and I are planning the next trip to Key West - we've decided to celebrate Bobbi's birthday on the island and have gotten as far as to get the plane tickets. The hotel room, as always, is creating quite a challenge as we just want it all. We're looking for a house with private pool this time, waddling distance to The Bull & Whistle - our favorite window-sitting spot. I'm sure a fabulous time will be had by all - again!

Took Mom out today and had a rather expensive day, at that. Ended up with a new toaster oven, a nice new down pillow for her, and, for me, a new toy - I finally bought that Nikon D5000 SLR camera I've been lusting after. Of course, I have NO idea how to use it but I did manage to get a great pic of Mom and a few nice shots of Killian which I will upload, once I figure out how.

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