Monday, May 17, 2010

Dad's garden

So, I spent a few hours the other day taking Mom around to various nurseries and picking up some fresh plants for Dad's garden. This is a memorial garden that I planted in memory of my Dad and sister, Steph back in 2007. It's doing fairly well but, since it's a shade garden, it's difficult to keep it interesting. I think I might have nailed it this time. It's quite peaceful out there and a lot of fun to watch it grow, I think Dad and Steph would have liked it. Purple was Steph's favorite color so I try to keep that in mind.

The angel face rose below is the most fragrant rose we've ever smelled. It's finicky but totally delightful. The gargoyle reminds me of Chessie, a dog I had once, half sharpei, half pit bull. He was sweet as sugar (mostly) and would protect me to no end. The gargoyle protects the garden, mom, John and me from evil spirits (so the theory goes). It certainly doesn't protect the garden from grazing deer...

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