Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gert's new hair!

So, Bobbi came over this morning and, well, I'm not sure whose idea it was to have champagne at 8 am but we did. Floated around the pool until noon when I got enough energy to climb the steps for a nap. Woke up at 2:15 (we had a LOT of champagne...) when Killian kicked me. Dog is good for something as flew out of bed, took the quickest shower possible, dressed Gert and loaded her in the car for a ride to her hair app't at 3:30. Got there at 3:15 and was pretty proud of myself until Mark told me the app't was for 3. Well, we were, at least, there...The picture on the left proves it.

Went to a noodle house in Rockville for 'dinner' (more like 'linner' as it was 4 pm). Pretty good although a bit greasy on the oil on the lo mein. Mom enjoyed it. Stopped by home depot for a soaker hose for the garden and drove mom to the back 40 to view same. Got a cucumber for dinner tomorrow but, at the moment, that's about it. Lots of blooms on the squash and cantaloupe, tomatoes are also coming along.

John's working on a scheme with Tom, his charter boat captain friend. When Tom's on the bay, he buys crabs right off the crabbing boat so I put in an order for 2 dozen for tomorrow when John comes back up from the boat. Got a barbeque lunch planned with his folks before they head back to WV. Yep, that's my busy weekend plans...

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