Tuesday, November 2, 2010

She Made It!

Mom sees Carina's and my light decorating touch
Well, October 28 marked Gert's 94th birthday and she's doing very well. Had a rather interesting exchange that morning around 5 am though when she was getting up for coffee.

Lori (enters Gert's bedroom, sits on the bed): Happy Birthday, Birthday GIRL!
Gert (through hangdog looking eyes that aren't quite focused): I didn't want to tell you but I didn't think I was going to make it.
Lori (aghast!): WHAT? You let me decorate this whole house for a Tiki party and you didn't THINK YOU WERE GOING TO MAKE IT?

 We both cracked up.

Now, in retrospect, I suppose I should have uttered words of encouragements like 'of course you were going to make it. I can see you easily sailing toward 97...' Something like that would have been nice but, then again, why try to change a relationship that is clearly working well.

Made her cupcakes as she requested, instead of a cake. Now, cupcakes, imho, are much more work than just popping 2 cake tins into the oven. And, messier too. I must have used every utensil in the kitchen trying to spoon the cake mixture into those stupid little cups. But, with Mom's 'help', they were done by 9:30 am. The icing is another issue. Suffice it to say that we now have a very tasty caramel dipping sauce for Saturday - the 'icing' didn't work too well. Will have to post the pics of her 'helping' - need to find the camera. It's around here somewhere!

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