Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A spring day fit for a senior citizen!

Yesterday was beautiful in Maryland! My car's thermometer registered 82 degrees so it was definitely time to blast Mom out of her chair. Here she is dressed and ready to go. Definitely not bad for a 94 (and 1/2 - it counts...) year old.

On this outing, I learned a few things:

1. Having company when taking a senior citizen out in a wheelchair makes the trip MUCH easier. Carina came along and served as our package toter. The three of us stopped in Olney for lunch, after riding the new Intercounty highway so that Mom could see the new road. This super highway cut our time to Olney easily in half as we arrived in about 15 minutes from the house!

Went over to Ritucci's and had some good lunch while sitting outside under an umbrella. Then headed over to the Home Place for a bit of shopping.

2. Soup is a very messy lunch to eat out for a senior citizen. Mom had a delicious potato and spring onion soup which she dearly loved but I think I'll just make a pot myownself the next time. Many napkins were used during this dining experience.

3. As we age, we tire much more easily. Of course, I'd already figured this one out but didn't really realize that it was exhausting for Mom just getting in and out of the car. So, we cut short our shopping spree after the Home Place and headed back to The Mansion where a very happy Gertie proceeded to nap for a few hours.

Our whole goal of this outing was to get more plants so that I could landscape the deck for viewing from Mom's chair. She loves watching the birds and flowers grow. I'm looking for a large potted palm tree for the corner, new pots of impatients and other flowering plants and possibly another bird feeder as she loves watching the birds. But, since Mom tired after the second stop, we headed back to the house and will save plant shopping for another day.

Here's a Squidoo article I wrote about setting a scene for a senior citizen (from their armchair).
Caring for the elderly: Birdwatching from a lazy boy recliner

4. Mom tans VERY easily! I was amazed to get her home and see that she has raccoon eyes already. I'll have to remember to find some good sunscreen for her for the future as I hope to get her out more with the nice weather.

5. Mom's mental faculties are much more 'on' when she's out. I think some of this is that she's bored just watching tv all day. Of course, we try to keep her engaged but it's almost impossible when the weather is cold and dreary.

It's rainy again today so no outing but Mom doesn't seem to mind - and neither does Matee as they've got a lap back for the day!

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