Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Momma and her coffee

So, my alarm cat alerted me at 5:30 am that my rolling thunder was underway. She was already sitting on the chair lift when I rounded the corner. She knew I wasn't going to be pleased about her being up at this early hour in the morning so she beamed a beautiful smile at me which, of course, cracked me up. The woman knows how to play me.

We came downstairs and, well, I'll give you an idea of my morning routine (and this is all done without my own cup of coffee yet).

1. Let out 5 dogs
2. Feed the cat
3. Scoop the litterbox
4. Clean up Mom's bedroom. Make the bed for nap #1. Turn off oxygen.
5. Get Mom downstairs and into the kitchen. Settle her in for coffee.
6. Make her a cup of coffee. Put toast in toaster. Give her appetite enhancer.
7. "Release the hounds" into the house for breakfast. They're all so cute - they go skidding around the corners in their zeal to get into the kitchen. Always makes Mom and me laugh.
8. Set out 5 dog bowls with food. Get Hops his 3 pills and pray he takes them with his food so I don't have to treat all 5 dogs to fresh cheese.
9. Get Mom's toast - add jelly (to the edges, please...).
10. Pick up dog bowls
11. Make my own cup of coffee.
12. Let dogs back out.
13. Sit down and talk to Mom for a bit.
14. Take Mom back upstairs and tuck her into bed. Whew!

I've gotten the above routine down to about 15 minutes.

Now, as I was getting Mom up from her coffee this morning, she looks at me and says "That was worth every penny." I said "But, you didn't pay anything." She looks me in the eye and says "That's why it was worth every penny."'

Laughter is wonderful medicine,

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