Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's up and down. Up and down.

I never quite know what state I'll find Mom in from moment to moment. This morning, she's about 65% there which is a vast improvement over the last 7 days when she was really not here much at all. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of aging is that these things happen. And, almost more unfortunately, it's difficult to make any plans at all as her mental faculties may wane from moment to moment; just because she's mostly 'here' right now doesn't mean that she'll be the same in an hour.

Mike called last night and happened to get her at exactly the right moment. She was just "Mom" again. There's a wild fire in Arizona and she was concerned to make sure that his family (in Tucson) was well. She put those thoughts together herself which clued me into the fact that she was on the way back, if only for a while.

I took the occasion to share a glass of Harvey's Bristol Cream Sherry with her. We clinked glasses, toasted to the future, and had a nice chat. Those moments are becoming increasingly special.

She's adapting (and even liking) her new bed. I love that she can get in and out of this bed on her own as I have it set to a low height. I've been sleeping in the guest room the last two nights to check on her so I'm lacking in my own mental faculties at the moment. Exhausted.

I'm in the process of setting up my own website. It will be I've already registered the name and now just have to figure out how to create the sucker. Should be interesting.

Carina and I spent about 10 minutes yesterday coming up with 2 new dessert shooters. Here's the article about the 4th of July Dessert Shooter - please leave me comments if you read it as that helps the article move up the ranks. Mom was the proud recipient of this particular treasure and ate every single drop. We also made a hot fudge sundae dessert shooter - Carina's first ever hot fudge sundae! She was amazed. That recipe will be coming.

While I'm at it, I updated a few lenses so give them a looksie (and a comment!) too:

Dessert Shooters - the new mini dessert craze
Dessert Shooter Custard Recipe

The pictures are of my gorgeous very significant other with his new car! Yes, we're "sportin'" again! Other pic is me at Angler's Inn on my 53rd birthday. Sporting a gorgeous new emerald necklace. I'm so very so very many ways...

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  1. That is so important to take advantage of Gert's good moments to enjoy. The new bed sounds like a great thing for Gert.


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