Monday, July 11, 2011

Homeward Bound!

Well, the doctor just came in to check Mom and said that she'd cleared all infections and we're ready for take off - and, not a moment too soon. She was up six times last night for the bathroom - ugh. At least at home, the trip to the commode is much closer and quicker.

I was lying on the sofa around 9:30 last night, dozing, when I was awoken by a vision in white - my darling boyfriend had come by with a small martini shaker to share a moment with me. What an amazing man. He's feeling just a bit better this morning which is good as we were all worried about him too. But, for him to come out late at night just to be with me for a moment - these things mean the most to me. I'm so lucky in a lot of ways.

I asked the doctor this morning about Mom's mental decline. He said that it's a normal course of things - she'll continue to have both good days and bad days so it's back to that status quo. But, that's ok. We'll take it. As long as we get out of here.

Mike's bringing over the truck to help me pack up - I've surrounded us with as many home furnishings and comforts as I could think of and it shows. The private room made all the difference in the world - I'm not sure either Mom nor I would have survived the first double room we were in.

More later. Off to do some packing but must get coffee - that's the first order of business....

To those who usually call; I'll probably have my cell phone off today as hope to be dozing in my own bed. Emails might be the easiest way to reach us today. Thanks again for your continued support.

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  1. we're all wishing you well out here. Take care of yourself, Lori.


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