Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I cut her off at the quick tonight...

It's 8:10 pm and Mom starts to get fidgety. I see her glancing sideways at me, returning to neutral position with a loud sigh meant for my ears. I ignore her...keep typing. A few minutes later, she shifts in her chair, glances over at me (she's not all that sly), sighs. Settles back in a bit heavier this time.

A few minutes later, lather, rinse, repeat but the sighs are getting louder. So, before she can say anything about going to bed early, I get up and make her a dessert shooter. That shut her up...until 8:15. I've got a long night coming.

Oh, too, last night, I finally gave into her at 8:30 and put her to bed. I went upstairs at 10 after making sure she was sound asleep. I took up the monitor and put it in bed with me. After finally falling asleep at midnight, I hear this little "Lori...Lori....Lori." I drag myself out of bed, glance at the clock (2 am) and go downstairs. She's sitting up in bed - looks at me and (wait for it) says "Oh, what are you doing up?"....

"Really? REALLY? WHY AM I UP?" And then, in the meekest voice possible, she whispers "Is it time for coffee?" After I assured her (not quite that calmly) it was 2am (she didn't believe me), she laid back down, bitching softly to herself the whole time. It would have been pretty funny if it wasn't 2 am.

One more cute story, Mom, John and I were having dinner in the dining room when I saw another new bruise on her arm. Not sure where this one came from but I told her that, if someone didn't know me, they'd think I was abusing her. She looks at me and says "If you're not abusing me, you're yelling at me." Cracked us all up.

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