Sunday, February 26, 2012

I got the most amazing email today...

...from my dear friend Joni. Joni is a nurse and used to live around the corner from us. She came running every single time I called with a question or concern. She would always run over to check Mom out and spend a moment or two quelling my concerns, which, upon occasion, were many.

Here is the email - I was so honored and read it with tears streaming down my face.

From Joni:

Something I wrote for you on Thursday:

It is raining a peaceful steady rain as I walk into the chapel. 
The room is warm, fully occupied and quiet, Gertie is at the center of thoughts, feelings, love and attention.

The Rabbi brings dignity and tradition to the gathering.

Avis speaks with such compassion and wonder, inspiring celebration on a day of sadness and reflection.

I watch my friend Lori, her family surrounds her including her closest friend and best man beside her.
Then my friend Lori steels herself, stands with pride and determination to give tribute to her mother. 

She looks out at us, standing with such poise and sureness, speaking with such love and admiration.

I see in my friend the wonderful woman she is, and I see in her some of what she learned from her mother – the gifts of honest humor, true compassion, unshakeable tenacity, and love that knows no bounds.

I am so proud to be a part of their lives, my son and I were adopted and loved as well as any member of the family.

And in my heart I see Gertie with Joe now, sharing Jelly Bellies.

How amazing is that to read? As I've mentioned time and time again, friends are the family you choose and I clearly have chosen well to have a woman such as Joni in my life. Thank you my dear friend and thank you again to all my friends. I could not have walked this journey without you all by my side.

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