Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sock Snowmen!

I was searching for some sort of way to thank my friends who helped Mom and me so much during those last  years, and I think I hit it out of the park with Sock Snowmen.

I always bought Mom crazy patterned socks just for fun. She was so easy and never complained about wearing Snoopy or purple socks with pink dots. Strangers would almost always approach us and mention how great her socks were. So, as I thought about what to do with her socks, it hit me...

Sock Snowmen!

John and I made basic sock snowmen and dressed them in Mom's fuzzy socks as sweaters. That's Bobbi's below looking in a mirror:

Here's an article I wrote on Squidoo that was already on the front page - an amazing feat:

I've been writing still at Squidoo and December proves to be bringing me the best return on my investment (which is nothing) ever. Free money is really fun! Here's a few of my most popular articles:

Practical gifts for very elderly senior citizens:

Senior citizen gift ideas - from one who knows:

When death looms - the signs and symptoms of the final moments on earth:

Funny Christmas ornaments:

And, after much grumbling, for those of us who have to pay for paper and plastic bags (eh, it definitely helps our landfills), here's Reusable Grocery Bags. Some of these are really nice. I've used one set for 6 months now:

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