Friday, February 22, 2013

Another milestone has passed....

Well, today found me in Berkeley Spring, WV where I sold my cabin (full price, in 10 days, thank you very much...). As I sat at the closing table across from the adorable buyers, my thoughts floated back to the wonderful times Mom, Dad and I had at the cabin. Dad called it the "Beach House," and, indeed, it did have the serene feeling of our beach house on Kent Island years ago.

Nightfall at 'Mansion West' would find Mom, Dad and me pulling chairs up to the front of the porch overlooking the mountains. As dusk fell, we'd turn on the light in the front yard and watch the bats swoop down and catch the moths. The three of us would be on which moth would be the next one to go (Dad was always right - it was the largest, whitest moth....). I lost a lot of money to that man.

Ah, but, after Dad died, I could rarely get to the cabin. It was a bit too remote for me to take Mom alone so we stopped going about a year before she died. In fact, I hadn't stepped foot into it for a full year. I missed it sometimes but I was grateful to just be with Mom.

So, today, another milestone has passed. The cabin has been passed to a couple whom I believe will love it even more than I did. And, I think they'll have many wonderful times up there too. I hope they build the memories like we did.

Here's an article I wrote tonight:

How to say goodbye to a dying loved one.

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