Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Off to the mall and a Ladies lunch...

Well, we made it out of the house today, finally! Headed to the mall for a battery for Mom's watch and looked for a replacement butterfly clip for her hair (her existing clip is just wearing out after being in her hair for the last 3 years - she loves the thing). Didn't find her hair clip but I bought two stunning hair pins for myself....

Next stop was Bed, Bath and Beyond where Mom wanted a new set of sheets for her bed. Found them and, along with her sheets, I bought a new set of sheets and a feather bed for my bed (I'm seeing a trend here).

Then, lunch at a local favorite Mexican restaurant that Mom loves. A tamale for her, 2 margueritas for me...


Nap for her, longer nap for me.

We got up and sat on the balcony out front to watch a great storm roll through. All was fine until a rather large, thunderous clap occurred somewhere very close by. Mom and I didn't even look at each other; we both got up and beat feet (me, not her) for the door. As I passed her (I'm no hero), I hear her mutter:

Tuchas, move it!

Of course, I collapsed and she beat me to the door anyway.

So ends Day 2 of 'retirement.'

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  1. Hi - no time to read, but I can't WAIT to catch up


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