Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Well, had a nice leisurely breakfast and then both of us showered and dressed and took off for Mom's facial appointment with our friend, Jenny (another amazing entity in our lives). I dropped Mom off at 12:30 and then ran some errands before returning in an hour to collect my charge. What a stunning woman I saw when I arrived (well, Jenny is always pretty but I mean dear Gert here...). She looked so relaxed and at least 10 years younger; had herself a nice nap too. Took the picture on my blackberry so it probably won't print out too well.

Headed home where part 2 of the nap ensued (after her requisite afternoon cheese and cracker snack shared with the 5 dogs). I sometimes wonder who gets more snack - Mom or any of the 5 individual dogs. Pavlov's response dictates that they all start drooling the minute she comes down the steps in the morning. All are eagerly anticipating her arrival...I can almost hear Killian say 'let's get this party started!'

I've got a pot of Aunt Mildred's recipe of spaghetti sauce on for dinner tonight with Bobbi and Sophia who will be here after work - Sophia loves spaghetti, and this is the best sauce I think I've ever run across. A bit of a pain to make though - especially when startled by a dog and dropping the spoon down the formerly white cabinets.

Mom and I are collecting items to take to the cabin tomorrow. It seems that, no matter how much stuff we tote up there with the idea of 'stocking up, ' we seem to eat/drink it all anyway and have to start all over the next time we visit the hills. But, regardless, heading up tomorrow morning for a change of scenery. John took Barley, Marguerita, and Matee so the house feels empty with just Killian and Hops floating around (although, I believe, Killian is secretly relieved).

On Sunday, John and I are hoping to take Mom to Winchester, VA to a great bar/restaurant we found while wandering the area one day. I know she'll love it - very quaint, beautiful place with a very friendly staff. And, Sunday (Father's Day) would have been the folks 67th anniversary so we'd like to get her out and about for a bit. Amazing to think that they shared 65.5 years together. Truly amazing. I was very lucky to share 48 with him and luckier still to have her here with me. We have a great time together. Nice benefit when your mother is one of your best friends!

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  1. Maybe in a future blog you can tell us how Gertie and your Dad met. I like to hear stories of 'when we first met' from couples that have been together for a long time...always thought it would make an interesting website


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