Thursday, June 26, 2008

On Butterflys and Flutterbys

Well, worked my magic and finally got Mom out and about today. She's on a new pain patch for arthritis, and it seems to be making her a bit peppier. Should be as it's a narcotic. I try to rub shoulders (where the patch currently resides) with her often...

Anyway, Jeff and I took her to Brookside Gardens in Silver Spring where there is a wonderful butterfly exhibit. All different types, shapes, sizes and colors. Just magnificent. Mom has a butterfly clip that she wears in her hair. At one point, I saw a small child pointing to it and being just delighted to see it. Cute.

We spent a fair amount of time in the exhibit trying to coax butterflies to land on Mom but, alas, to no avail. Guess she's not as sweet as we thought she was.

Did a quick roll through some of the gorgeous gardens but it was really too hot to stay out in the sun too long. Will return there this fall though as the gardens really are just fantastic. Brookside has a beautiful display of Christmas lights during the season also so would love to become a frequent visitor.

Hey, also, a word to the wise: If you are getting a new phone, get a PDA with a camera. I forgot my Sony Cybershot camera today and took these pics with my Blackberry. Not too bad, considering. You never know when you need a camera! And, the PDA is also a fantastic investment. I don't find myself to be a Crackberry head but it's just nice to have an organization tool around - next step is learning to use it...well, Rome wasn't built in a day...

After the butterfly event, came home and let Mom nap while Jeff and I went off in search of a cool drink (which we found) and Thai food (also accomplished). Spent the evening on the porch out back with 5 dogs, Mom and Jeff - nice night.

I've managed to finally reserve an RV for the end of July so Mom, my dear friend Sharyn and I will be hitting the road for a week. Thought better of being on the road with a 91 year old for 2 weeks - afraid she's going to be wanting her bed! So, a week it will be but we're already anticipating a fantastic time. I got a small unit (23-25 feet) so figure we can drive it almost anywhere (without damage) except down small crowded streets. Sleeps 4 which is perfect. And, dogs are welcome although I think the furbuddies will remain with John at the Mansion East.

Mom, Sharyn and I are going to try and come up with a destination (we're thinking Cape Cod) and kind of work backward to find campgrounds, places to see, etc. Of course, we won't be too remote as I want to stay within reasonable distance of medical facilities, civilization, etc. But, a good time is coming up!

Speaking of which, I'm off tonight to spend the night on John's boat on the Chesapeake. Jeff has kindly offered (well, I 'offered' him...) to stay with Mom. Sophia is on call for tomorrow as John and I will be at dear Victoria's drinking Mai Tais and eating fresh crabs (Vic and I will at least - John's a weeny and doesn't like crabs....shame really...seems like such a nice boy...).

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  1. Always good to eat crabs with someone who doesn't like them or is a slow picker...more for you! Used to go crabbing with a friend who was allergic...just perfect he cooked 'em and we ate 'em!


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