Monday, June 23, 2008

Well, here we sit...again

Gorgeous day out today. But, I believe I was overly optimistic about getting dear Gert unrooted from her easy chair in the livingroom every few days. Trying again for manicure/pedicure at 2 so we'll see. But, she's content to sit and read the paper daily and interact in the evenings with whomever drops by the Mansion East. All in all, not too bad a gig.

Had friends over for a nice dinner last night - the official inauguration of the new grill. Marinated herb ribs, grilled veggies, Sophia's rice with bok choy and a peanut butter/chocolate cake made from scratch (yes, I've become Lori Stewart over here)... I'm heading out later in the week for a few days away so will stock the house with oatmeal/raisin cookies for mom and my friends who will be staying with her.

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