Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer brunch at Bobbi's Folks house

Took Mom to a delicious brunch at Bobbi's folks on Sunday. They've moved into a beautiful, 'senior-friendly' house up by Frederick. We bypassed the freeway and drove back country roads in the convertible. A gorgeous ride on unfamiliar roads was quite interesting. Development is certainly moving out that way - where once there were rolling fields filled with cows, housing developments now stand. A bit sad but there's no way to impede development 30 scant miles from Washington, D.C.

Mom was gorgeously clad in a blue outfit and she looked totally stunning. I'll post a picture once I get one from Bobbi. Lunch was fantastic and the conversations at the table was a lot of fun. Bobbi's folks are from West Virginia so her Mom has a southern touch to everything, well, except collard greens. I was a bit dismayed to see that she gets her collard fix from a can - in fact, the same can I do. Her green beans though? Never had anything like them. She cooks them for hours and hours on the stove yet they don't fall apart - it's a bit like magic. There's no set recipe but they're guaranteed to be delicious, each and every time. So, brunch mostly had a southern flair - ham, corn pudding (for those of your northerners who may have never had it, this stuff should be avoided at all costs as you might as well bypass your mouth and apply directly to the hips...). Ham, Bobbi's great pasta salad, a layered salad that was magnificent, scattered fruit and veggies, homemade cheesecake that was amazing - you get the idea. It was a great brunch. One woman, Lynn, couldn't believe that Mom is 91. She was really flummoxed by Mom's age - we all admitted that we don't even have the memory Mom has (well, none of us can remember anything, really).

Dropped Mom back off at the house but wasn't ready for the party to end so Bobbi and I went out for a bit. You've guessed it - La Mexicana again. It's always very interesting up there. Met some fun people and sat on the porch for a few hours nursing a cocktail. As almost always, a great afternoon ensued.

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