Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Independence Day

The 4th started off with a delightful breakfast prepared by John - egg omelet and pancakes. Mom was especially appreciative of the buckwheat pancakes awaiting her arrival at the table in the morning. Topped off with a cup of steaming coffee and the paper and she was a happy camper.

John and I decided to take the Jeep for a spin and took bagels and cream cheese over to Sharyn's sister Linda's house as dear friend, Sharyn, and her other sister, Mary, were in town. We took Rita with us. The Jeep has a bikini top on it so it's not enclosed, thereby throwing little Rita for a loop - she was constantly trying to alert us that something just wasn't right in the back. But, I held her tightly and off we went.

It's always interesting to get together with the Sharyn and her sisters! Had a ball telling stories on Sharyn as there are just so many to wade through. She and I used to cause a fair amount of trouble together so there were always tears of laughter everywhere we went. Had some bloody marys and made another good memory just sitting around Linda's backyard.

Spent a few hours there and then headed back. Decided to stop for lunch and a cool drink on the way but had a hard time finding an open restaurant. This seemed a little strange to John and me as it was the 4th of July (not Christmas or anything). So, we decided to settle on the norm and headed to La Mexicana for a margarita and late lunch. Rita was a doll sitting on my lap pretty much the whole time. If you ever want to meet people, get yourself a darling dog and place said dog on your lap (it's even better is he/she falls asleep - tranquilizers may speed the process.....). Sat there under the awning when a summer storm appeared and just talked to the masses. Very nice time was had. Brought mom dinner - her normal meal with a side of beans and rice (a small side of beans). The staff knows us there now and always sends their best to Mom when she's not there with me.

Came home and hit the hot tub for a little bit before retiring for the evening. Nice, quiet 4th.

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