Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kids of all ages love making cookies!

So, this is Gert's contribution to the cookie-making activities. She calls it 'cleaning up' but I'm not buying it. We sure have fun in the kitchen though. And, she's much appreciative of anything I've made - I love an easy audience.

I went to a cookie swap last night at friend Kimberly's house. I was quite surprised to find that I really had a blast with her new friends - she's just moved back to MD (we missed you Kimmie!) and is integrating into a new neighborhood. Her neighbors are amazing! In fact, I don't think I've ever seen such an interesting, fun bunch of women. Most of them have dogs - 2 are fostering in fact - so I was already impressed. Victoria made the long haul up from Lusby and, as always, I won yet another $10 from her - did I mention I like an easy mark (ah....audience)? It's so good to have true friends around - we've all been friends since the early 80's and have ridden the ups and downs of each others lives. It's amazing to see how far we've all come - and, how far we all have to go!

Mom and I (and 4 dogs) are heading to the cabin on Wednesday, provided, of course, all goes as planned. We do remain flexible over here! I'm hoping to take her to the 19th Hole (a local WV bar which has 'gambling' - um, 5 slot machines). Sharyn will be in town and will stay with us on Sunday after Xmas so that will be a great time, as always. Holidays are fun over here with people just dropping by. Mom and I both enjoy the visits.

Mom's eye continues to improve but has periodic episodes of light sensitivity still - hence the Jackie O glasses. I think I can have some fun with this though with some interesting choices of sunglasses. We'll choose to consider her eccentric...

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