Saturday, January 17, 2009

I just KNEW it was a mistake...

Ordered a magazine: Cosmopolitan. Should have known it didn't come in a brown wrapper, but Mom and I sure did have fun reading some of the articles together. I liked the one that started '4 things you must need to know for good sex.' Mom says 'wait, let me get a pencil - you know I can't remember things.' Yes, these are some wonderful times with Mom.
I've recently discovered a way to make part-time money - It's a forum where you can submit articles and get paid for them, depending on how often they're viewed, who buys what from the links, etc. I've vowed to put all the money into something for Namaste II (John's new power sailer boat which should be here next month - yeah!). Now, mind you, no one's getting rich - in fact, that $3.49 I've earned so far is about 1/4 what I need for ONE drink holder (absolute essential item) for the boat. Better get writing. Here's the links to to the articles I've written so far:
Dog articles:

Elderly articles:



Likeisay (I'm becoming my mother...), it's not a way to get rich, but I've always liked writing and it's just fun doing these. It's something that Mom and I can do together in the evenings. In fact, she gave me the titles for a few of these. I'll be posting more as they occur or would love to have anyone reading this blog place ideas in the comment section - of course, it has to be something I know even a little about (supposebly - that was for you, Vic)....Feel free to pass the links onto anyone else you know! I'll keep a tally here too of the thousands of dollars I earn....

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