Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lazy days...

The cold has Mom and me pretty much sequestered into the house - well, that's the temperature cold and the fact that I'm still fighting a cold. I finally broke down and went to the doctor yesterday for some antibiotics that should kick this out of both John and me. I hope! Been down for 7 days now, totally atypical for either of us.

Been spending some time writing more eHow articles - here they are - get in there and click around. I've 'made' $4.49 so far. Too funny.
Got Gert all nice and clean today. I had a plumber turn up the pressure for the water so the shower is stronger now but the shower head sometimes gets away from her arthritic hands, thereby drenching me in the process. Happened again today. As we were drying her off, I asked if she liked her shower today. She looked at me and said it was really more of a rain forest. Eh, at least she's clean and smells great. I've been using a really nice body lotion on her that keeps her smelling really nice for 2 or 3 days. Big bonus over here. Interesting how it's the little things these days that really keep us happy.

Mom and I spend a lot of time watching the cooking channel these days. Paula Dean made her mouth water yesterday with short ribs and sauerkraut. I'm afraid I've made a drastic error in judgement as I'm making it for dinner tonight. Wish us luck.

I ran across this video just yesterday, and it's too funny not to post (yes, I told Mom I was doing this!). Dad and I are chuckling in the background. The woman likes her bourbon. She's at the 'spa' at my cabin in West-By-God Va and, no, she's not topless (close but not quite). I had a hell of a time even getting her to cover up this much at the cabin. Who knew Gert was a nudist?!

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