Sunday, January 4, 2009

On the holiday season and such...

Well, best laid plans blown - yet again! As Mom and I were preparing for our exodus to the Mansion West (aka, the cabin) for Christmas, John called to tell us the cabin was iced in. In fact, he and his brother had to walk the last part of the mountain to 'rescue' Killian and Barley who were up in the house. So, our plans flopped and Mom and I stayed at the Mansion East - well, at least, Mom did. I ended up going to John's house to celebrate the holiday with his family. A mobile feast was provided by me - Ham, szechuan green beans, brownies, quiche, etc. Delicious brunch at least. John and I did manage to sneak away to the cabin for a few hours where we lit up the outdoor firepit and sat down with some nice wine. The ice had mostly melted below the cabin but, above it was still iced in. It was a good decision to divert our plans.

New Year's Eve found Mom, John and me enjoying a nice chicken soup that John made. I had planned on making a turkey but was under the weather so the soup was a great idea. I was asleep at 7 - ugh.

Monya's gang came down for a small Channukah celebration which was very fun. The kids loved the toffee cookies I made - they're just too good. We had a very nice afternoon and then they were off. Monya reported that Jacob slept all the way home - too much excitement, I suppose.

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