Friday, January 30, 2009

On hearts and ice

Well, we've been iced in over here for 3 days now - had just about an inch of snow but about 1/2" of very very slick ice - in fact, poor John took a nasty fall down the steps outside while trying to skate to the car. He surprised me by drawing a few hearts in the snow (pre-ice) on the deck table. They're getting quite interesting looking as the snow and ice around them melted yesterday. Very sweet gesture which was much appreciated.
Mom continues to do well, remaining snug in her chair in the livingroom in front of a roaring fire (most days). She and I have been going through some items in the house and preparing them for Ebay - we have a lot of stuff, especially in the attic which John organized.
Mom's eye doesn't require as much attention these days, but we do add drops periodically when it starts itching. The sight is coming back so she's been enjoying the paper more these days. Now, though, I'm afraid her hearing is waning so will be taking her to the doctor for that, once the weather breaks. I have a suspicion that it's nothing more than built up wax so really don't think it's going to be a big deal although she's already bucking the system (doesn't want to go see a dr about it). I believe I'm going to win this one as she really isn't hearing very well these days. I, however, can hear the downstairs tv while I'm in the attic (2 floors away!).
I'm still playing around with eHow articles and my fortune has grown to $7.40. If you didn't already figure it out, it's not the money that's so interesting on eHow, it's the writing. I really used to love writing and got out of it years ago. It's fun to be back doing these small articles. Here's the latest (my favorite is the top one about taking the best photos of your dog - I love the picture of Hops in the leaves):

Eh, at least it keeps me off the streets!

John's boat, Namaste II, is due in 2 weeks! Can't wait. We've already got some trips planned - 4 days in June for my birthday, just sailing around the bay. Mom bought John a great book "Cruising the Chesapeake - a Gunkholer's guide' which John and I are reading to pick our path. We'll probably trailer the boat and put in down at Harrington Harbor and pull out down at Vic's house in Solomon's. The Tiki Bar with some friends sounds about right for a birthday celebration.
August could see a trip to Florida and Bimini if plans pan out. Bimini is just 54 miles off the coast of Miami so we could actually even power over in a little over 3 hours and sail back the next day (10 hours of sailing - hmmmm....delightful). It will be great to have the option of power though as his boat is a power sailer. Looking forward to an active sailing summer.

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