Monday, January 26, 2009

Successful outing - sort of

Well, last Thursday, Mom looked at me and said 'Let's go out' - let me tell you, I was up and running upstairs for her clothes. How very very exciting - an outing! Yahoo. So, we discussed our plan - Walmart, Border's and then lunch (I was most excited about the lunch part).

So, off we went to get ready and out the door 2 hours later (she usually requires a nap after getting dressed - well, she is 92... Anyway, we decided to go to the newly renovated Walmart (the one I totally refused to enter all last year) to pick up a bunch of needed items and ogle over how nice the store is now and then over to Border's for a few books. We got in the car after these two chores were completed (my tummy had been growling). I started the car and said 'Where do you want to go for lunch?, knowing that it would probably be our favorite haunt, La Mexicana. She looks at me, smiles slightly and says 'I'd like a chicken sandwich. . 'At home.'

WHAT? No lunch out? No marguerita? No chips! This is a travesty. I've been robbed, I tell ya. So, after much laughter between us, I turned the car towards home where I prepared lunch. Oh well, at least I got her out.

Saturday found me at Tari's in Berkeley Springs with lunch with my bitches - er, girlfriends. It was our girl's night out so, after lunch, we headed up the mountain and over to the cabin for an evening of general laughter and merriment. Had a great time. It's so very nice to get out for an evening. John stayed with mom and made the most of his time by clearing my attic and 2 bedrooms of clutter - I MUST go away more often! The attic looks fantastic - will take a picture once it gets light out and post. My goal now is to go through and pick out items for ebay - there's so much stuff up there that I just KNOW something will bring in a fortune. We'll see.

Since John was coming up to his home in WV at the same time that I was heading back to Boyds, we decided to meet up for a nice lunch in Hagerstown. Went to a great restaurant - Aqua 103. A buddy of mine is the manager of the local Bone Fish and his wife manages Aqua so, knowing my tastes, he suggested we drop in sometime. Aqua is not at all what we expected, being in an office building (for some reason, I thought it was one of those places in an old rowhouse in the downtown area). Regardless, the food was outstanding and the prices were just fantastic for a quite upscale restaurant. We highly recommend the place if you're in the area. Note: dinner prices looked to be more in line with what we expected for the type of restaurant - more expensive. After a nice lunch, John and I headed off on our opposite directions and back to normal life. When I got home, Vic was still here, dawdling and talking to Mom which worked well for me as I then proceeded to beat her in a few games of Boggle before she headed back down to her home in Solomon's Island. Had a great time, as always.

Here's my latest eHow articles - I'm at $5.05 today. Too funny.

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