Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hair cut day for Mom!

Well, finally, I blasted Mom out of her chair for a hair cut! And, it was sorely needed. But, she's looking much better now. We met with Andi and Howie afterwards for some light cocktails and appetizers at Timpano's Chop House in Rockville. Sitting and catching up with friends is always a good thing to do. We're back home now. I've got her set back up in the livingroom watching Cast Away with Tom Hanks - good movie if you haven't caught it.

We have a 'rental' dog for a few days - Kimmie's new rescue lab, Rascal, is visiting. One of the nicest dogs I've seen in a while (and, yes, that includes my own). This shot was done when they were patiently awaiting a bone treat. All is going quite well - Barley and Matee are in West Virginia at the moment so we've only got 4, including Rascal - piece of cake.

Dog training class is going quite well - these folks are well ahead of where I was when I first started training Mocha, way back in the day. Each dog is different which makes it quite interesting to observe how they progress.

Had a pretty funny exchange with Gert earlier today. I was calling after we finished class to check in. She can't always grasp how to answer the cordless phone - she'll hit the 'talk' button repeatedly so the phone just beeps on the other end. I was getting frustrated with her today when I called as the phone must have beeped at least 7 times before she said 'Hello?' So, I said, Mom, how are you answering the phone?! She replied 'Hello....' Cracked me up....I should have known better.
The picture to the left was snapped one day when she 'answered' the tv remote. Funny as hell. Then there was the day I came home to find the tv remote in the phone charger. Living with a senior citizen can really be a funny funny thing.

It's supposed to snow tomorrow and am hoping, for once, that we don't get dumped on. I dearly love snow but, since I'm heading out Tuesday, it could certainly complicate things. A bit of snow would be welcomed though - nothing better than sitting in the hot tub in the snow with a great cup of coffee.

Here's my latest eHows - I'm close to 100 articles (continues to thoroughly amuse me):

How to Find a Caregiver Support Group On The Internet

How to Stop a Dog From Biting

How to Celebrate National Chili Day With Free Chili At Hard Times Cafe - this one was only good for National Chili Day but it's, suprisingly, still earning....

How to Rent A Vacation Marina Slip Or Boat Dock

How to Give Up Facebook For Lent - I actually believe Facebook can be a quite dangerous place as some of the other social networking sites can be

How to Make the BEST Oatmeal Raisin Cookies EVER - these are the oatmeal cookies that Mom just devours. Everyone loves these things, for some reason. I don't quite understand it as they're certainly not my favorites.

How to Doodle To Increase Memory - this one is pure fluff but should actually earn pretty quickly as this was recently in the news.

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