Friday, May 1, 2009

Took mom 'out' to dinner last night...

...We went formal and dined in the diningroom for a big change from the kitchen counter. With the swine flu stuff going around, neither of us is eager to go out and there's no reason at all to take a chance with her so we'll be sequestered in the house for a while and will make sure that anyone with even a sniffle doesn't come close. Better safe than very sorry. Rockville High (a local school) is closed today with a suspected case so it's closing in.

Anyway, had a great time. Sat in the diningroom, just the 2 of us, (well, just the 7 of us if you consider the 4 dogs and the cat). Made some grilled chops, brussels in the oven, roasted to perfection. Delicious. Mom had her sherry, I had wine. 4.5 hours just flew by as we sat and chatted. I love these times the best as I really get to know her as a person. It was like sitting and chatting with any of my other close friends. These are the exact times when I'm reminded how lucky I am to have her living with me. What a treasure she is. And, a pretty funny lady too - she was cracking me up!

I've started a contracting job and the commute is a bear - over to Ellicott City. Takes about an hour eatch way but it's a great job (CRF design) - Vic: that means that I design the forms that clinical trials use to collect data! Right up my alley. The company is full of great people too so it's quite the great gig for a while. I left mom alone 2 days and I think she was VERY happy to see me each night when I came home. So, for the future, I'll work just 4 or 5 hours a day so I don't have to leave her alone as long. We discussed getting another home care worker but she's just not very happy with anyone her except her 'crew' so we'll just do what she wants. And, the job is very flexible so I'll just make it fit. Here's a picture of a gorgeous sight I saw on my trip in yesterday:

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