Sunday, May 3, 2009

Reunion with old friends

Well, although I'm not sure about this Facebook stuff, it did bring back some friends from my past life back to me - went out this past weekend with Mike and Robin (they never went away), Liz Miller and John Dillard (who were both recently 'found'). John came along too and was just one of the gang. We sat for a few hours and shared laughs like you don't often find these days - talked about some of the ridiculous stuff we'd done in the past. Mike reminded me that I was particularly bossy with him when a few times when we were 'children.' Very funny and very sweet times. Hope to see these folks again and, next time, I'm betting there will be more of them! Liz took the picture to the left which John and I just love. Best pic of us ever. Here's some more pics of the motley crew:

John and I went down to the boat yesterday as the marina was having a boater's yard sale. John was thrilled to find a hatch air conditioner so that when we're at dock, the boat will be nice and cool. I was also thrilled! Spent a nice lunch hour at the local tiki bar down there and walked the marina. His old boat, Namaste, is back in the original slip after having been somewhere else for a while. Kind of sad to see it as we both did enjoy it so much. But, then again, Namaste II is a delightful time too.

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