Sunday, June 28, 2009

Senior citizen decision - Chocolate or Vanilla?

So, I get Mom all cleaned up yesterday - hair's done, fresh gown and robe. Clean as, well, an old daisy.

I asked her if she wanted an ice cream sandwich. 'Yes, please' was the quite polite reply. I asked if she wanted chocolate or vanilla ice cream (having been the thoughtful daughter and purchased both).

'Chocolate, please' was the polite reply.

So, all is well for exactly 5 seconds when I hear a very small 'uh oh.'

I look over and, well.....

After she tried (in vain, I might add...) to clean it up, she looks at me and says:

'I guess next time, I'll have vanilla.....'

Two more very quick things this morning:

1. I'm not sure what's gotten into my hen and chickens but one looks particularly happy:

And 2. There is a reason Mom told me to stay off motorcycles (owwww and, ewwww...):

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