Sunday, July 5, 2009

A new boat home...

Well, John and I had a fantastic day on the boat yesterday. I wanted to practice getting out of the slip and heading out for the Bay and, if I say so myself, I had a spectacular maiden voyage. No issues at all, Namaste responded to my fledgling captaining very well, much to my delight (and, John's amazement!). Got out to the Bay and held her steady as John upped the sails and off we went. Got up to 6.2 miles under sail, heeling (leaning over) all the way. Totally loved it! What a great time. Dropped anchor and spent an hour swimming in a jellyfish-free Chesapeake. Water temp was 73.5 and incredibly comfortable.

I got up this morning around 3, which seems to be my normal time of awakening these days. Around 5, snapped the pics of an awe-inspiring sunrise over the marina - tried to wake John but he wasn't having it. The rocking of the boat was too comforting.

We did get a nice walk in over to get coffee at the Java Stop and then continued onto Petey Greene's which is supposed to be open for breakfast - yeah, they open at 11 - ok, maybe not everyone wakes at 3, but really 11?? Anyway, once we found our favorite spot closed, John suggested we head to Chesapeake Beach for breakfast and what a fateful decision it was.

We got to Chesapeake beach and had a great breakfast at the hotel, overlooking the marina. Decided to walk out and talk to a few of the boat owners about rental slip rates for the marina. Long story short (too late), in 3 quick hours, we had already moved the boat to our new marina spot! It's gorgeous and we have an incredible spot, just the second from the bulkhead which means we're out in the Bay at full speed in less than 5 minutes. And the best part of all is that we can take Mom to the hotel, about 100 feet from the boat, get a bay-front room for the night, and get some gambling in too (they have slots there). Really excited about the rest of the summer at our new 'home.' The people we met today were very nice and welcoming - I think we're in for some big fun! And, to top it off, I was up $45 in about 3 minutes on the slot machine before John pulled me away - good move.

Picture to the left was snapped this morning on our walk - in coming home and reviewing the shots, this one cracked me up. It looks like a raven wedding to me...

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