Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Boating day!

So, yesterday found John, Mo and me zipping around the Caribbean in our 26 foot open fisherman with twin 200 engines - va va va vooooom. Smoking fast! It was certainly the best vacation day I've personally have ever experienced as the views were just phenomenal.

We went over to a pretty remote snorkeling spot only accessable
by water as it was a small island. We moored off the reef and swam over from the boat which might not have looked far but turned into a healthy swim! Deep blue water abounded until the reef appeared suddenly. Gorgeous parrot fish greeted me first, followed by fair size snappers. No turtles - drats, or seahorses, double drats as have always wanted to see a few.

Found Skinny Legs at the first try as our Captain was just that good. John put that boat exactly where we wanted to go! I threw the line to Mike, the 8 year old on the dock who tied us up - that's the type of skills kids should have. He was sitting on the peer fishing for snappers with his brother, Sawyer (great childs name, imho). Cute kids who were as nice as could be and suntanned the way a child should be in the summer.
John bought me a hat at Skinny Legs but, alas, it was a tad too late as I appear to be a red tomato today. I swore I wouldn't get sunburnt but a few Dark and Stormys makes one forget about protection (or suntan lotion),. My hair is following suit in a tangled mess - I appear to be that old woman on the front of Hallmark cards this morning. Speaking of this morning, fought a good fight to stay asleep but didn't win. Up around 2, gave up lying around the bed at 4 so the day is off to a start.

Oh, we also landed at the Westin hotel on St. John yesterday for a cocktail at the pool bar. Mo is very handy to have around as it seems that she knows everyone (and gets pretty nice treatment too!).
Hoping to go shopping at some point, if I can get off this gorgeous beach and the pool right in front of me. A nap is certainly in the future today.

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