Wednesday, August 12, 2009

St John afternoon

Well, morning found us in our favorite spot for coffee, sitting by the pool, watching the waves. Nothing higher on our list - well, except, perhaps, John's bloody mary...he might have to wean off the suckers when we come home! Swam, walked the beach a few times, swam some more. You get the idea. Picture at left is my view from the pool lounge chair.

Took a cab into Red Hook and then the ferry over to St. John as I really wanted to hit a few jewelry stores in search of a pair of earrings. Had forgotten that St. John is known for its gorgeous beaches, pretty much only. No so much for shopping, Did have some great onion rings and very cold Red Stripe though before catching the next ferry back to St. Thomas where naps awaited, and, of course, more pool time.

Actually made it out to dinner for the first time to our favorite bartender, Michelle's, upscale bar, XO. The sashimi tuna I had was among the best I've ever had, cocktails were cold so it was all good. Our favorite ex-bartender, Mo, came to collect us for the 5 minute ride home. Met her baby sis who was working a Duffy's Love Shack - she's a waitress and it's hard work as there's no airconditioning and it does get, man, HOT here. I certainly couldn't do it.

I believe the plan for today is, well, pool for coffee, beach for snorkeling, pool, beach, lather, rinse and repeat. Home tomorrow which is a bit sad but necessary and I'm missing my mama pretty good down here. Only saw one dog yesterday, thankfully, and he had on a collar and had found a patch of sun.

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