Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On wayward tour guides and such

Well, Mo, our free tourguide for St. Thomas picked us up this morning after John and I spent a few hours having coffee at the pool. It was stiffling hot and my skin was sizzling so hopping in Mo's car for a beautiful ride to Mountaintop sounded right - the key word here is 'sounded.'

All I know is that Mo's poor Toyota Corolla (circa 1990's somewhere), was screaming for mercy as it tried to get Mo, John and me up this mountain to what was, seriously, a gorgeous view of the island.

Now, ok, I've had a few slices of pizza on vacation but this car bucked, it huffed, it puffed. If you ask me, it was a bit dramatic and not happy in the least. We did get a great view from Mountaintop, a few times, in fact.

Ended up at the port authority, or some sort place, for some appetizers before we wound our way into downtown where Mo dropped John and me off in the town center to peruse a few jewelry stores. Luckily, I made it out unscathed as just couldn't find the earrings I was looking for.

Mo took us to another great restaurant around the corner from her house, right on the beach. Food was just great and Mo actually has a job app in for an adjoining restaurant with a great menu. She's going to come in handy again in the near future, we hope. Had some great lunch and lots of laughs for a few hours. Good times.

On the way back, we stopped by Mo's darling apartment which is smack dab on the Caribbean. The views couldn't be any more gorgeous and the place is just adorable. John and I are totally jealous!

Made it back to our condo and the three of us hit the pool for a few hours of lounging. Watched the sun come down and a lightning storm over St. John. Sorry to be leaving tomorrow but also anxious to get home to Mom and the pups. Wish I could have brought them all down here for, on, an eternity or so. Pictures will be forthcoming....

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