Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gert - the tomboy

So, talking about the blog yesterday triggered the fact that I really haven't recorded a whole lot of her memories - the blog has become more daily life. Figured it was time to get the story from her point of view.

One of my favorite stories that she tells is from when she was 10-12 years old. There was a garage by her house in St. Joe which had a flat roof, flanked on one side by a nice telephone pole with foot holds. Mom, being a bit of a tomboy back in the day, climbed up the telephone pole and was sitting on the tall roof when her Mother spied her. Now, Bubie was so mild mannered and easy-going that this must have almost put her away for good. But, she kept her calm, came out to stand under where Mom was, looked up and said, quite pleasantly:

'Daugher! How did you get up there?'
Mom replied 'I climbed up here.'
Bubie played her cards right, kept her calm and said with a tone of awe, 'Show me how you did that...'.
So, Mom climbs on down (she's laughing here as she tells me this story again). When Mom got back to the ground, Bubie swatted her and said 'Now, don't ever do that again!' And Mom never did.

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  1. Great use of psychology in getting Gert down! Too funny.


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