Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gert and Sweet Pea have made it big time...

I just love this picture of John and his favorite girl (well, next to me - actually, that might not be true....).

I've been emailing Connie, one of the volunteers at the adoption event yesterday with updates about how our first day with the new pup is going. Connie kindly put one of the great pics on the website. For anyone looking to find someone to love, Annie's Orphans is a great site - the dogs they had there yesterday were all fabulous. Here's the link to the website.

Connie is on a quest to paint one picture every day - here's her website showing some of her fabulous artwork:

I think Mom is changing her mind from Sweet Pea - she's now come up with 'Spirit.' We'll see how this shakes out. I'm a fan of martini myself. That would give me Barley, Hops, Killian, Marguerita and Martini. Sounds right to me....Stay tuned as the story evolves.


  1. Great names - come to Annie's Orphans next adoption event at the Laytonsville Maryland Community Parade, May 15 - and see if we can find you a Daquiri and Tequila Sunrise to complete your collection! :)

  2. Ha! No, we're through with adding animals to the pack for a while. 6 dogs and 1 cat works just fine!


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