Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sweet Pea?

Still not 100% sure of the name but, whatever she is, she's adorable. I took her to PetSmart to get a new bed and some bath stuff - she had a lot of admirers and, she's so comfortable with me that people couldn't believe I just got her yesterday - she's definitely home for good.

The poor thing has got a horrible itching problem (looks to be an allergy) so she needed a good bath - she's so small that I bathed her in a soup pot (yes, I washed and disinfected it after...). Anyway, I bought a bunch of colloidal oatmeal preparation and bathed her 3 times. So, 40 minutes later, she's sound asleep in Mom's arms - Mom's out like a light too. Looks like there's a new friend in town (listen up, Matee....).

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