Thursday, May 13, 2010

Update on outcome of the Cruise to Nowhere (literally).

So, I heard back from Vacations To Go, the booking agent I used to book the Cruise to Nowhere - unless you consider the sitting in the Baltimore port 'somewhere.' Anyway, they've agreed to return all of the cash outlaid on the cruise which we couldn't, quite sadly, take. I was impressed with the speed of their decision, having spent 3 sleepless nights kicking myself. But, in the end, as Bubie said, everything worked out the way it was supposed to. So, onward and upward to the Beach House in June, which, I'm confident, Mom will enjoy more anyway. She'll have access to a daily newspaper, a bayfront suite, gourmet dinners (as long as Sharyn is cooking), friends and family and a few dogs thrown in for good measure. John will bring the sailboat(s) down for some bay fun during the day, gambling in the evenings at the local casino, and happy hours at the neighborhood bar. Am getting excited already. Decided to not even unpack the suitcases...they'll just await the next trip.

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