Friday, November 26, 2010

Oh Hanukkah

Enjoying a day of friendship and wine at Sugarloaf Winery
So, as the Festival of Lights approaches, I was thinking that there aren't many Chanukah songs out there. This thought came to me because the lead list selected for a new site
I write for 'List My 5' was 'The top 5 Christmas Songs.'

Hmmmm....thought I. I'll be damned. I can come up with at least 20 Christmas songs right off the top of my head (not like there's anything else in there) but damned if I could think of 5 Chanukah songs. So, I started a list.

The article I wrote will never make the front page but it was fun to write. Click here if you choose (keep your sense of humor)...

Here's some of my top lists and click here to see my List My 5 profile (this site is going to make me a lot of money one day, I hope!):

Dessert Shooters
Ways to Cut Calories With Substitutions
Ways to Find Cheap Cruise Deals
Tips to Host a Party
Facts About Kate Middleton (who knew).

Interestingly, the above are my top 5 earners and, as you can see, they're all  over the board. The site is new, started in July, and I'm only making about $10 a month on it (versus around $160 this month on eHow) but, heck, it's all 'free' money if you ask me and I have enough of it in my Paypal account now to take John and myself on a very nice cruise vacation. I just think it's a kick to get paid for writing this dumb, intellectual property...yeah that's the ticket.

I've sold 3 articles on Constant Content so far which was quite nice. The Top 6 Bars In Key West Florida just sold for $75, Top 10 vacation spots for men 18-35 went for $100, and 8 things you should know before signing a separation agreement went for $75. Not too bad for just writing down some thoughts and enjoying the research (at least I did in the case of the Key West bars).

So, one day, I'll cash in on that Paypal account (which also paid for a nice boat for Bobbi, Sharyn, John and me in Key West in August) and head out to the seas again. Ah, fame and fortune? Nah, not so much but it is cold cash!

Here's a couple of bonus pictures I figure you're due for reading a fairly boring post:
A meeting of the Gert and Rita fan club

Still has every tooth in that 94 year old mouth!

Gert and Matee share some love in the new loveseat 

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